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Was pregnant... while on mirena Lock Rss

I have had mirena for 2 years. Not a problem at all, just some typical cramping and periods that wax and wane between light bleeding and faint tinged CM. I get cramps and backache and cranky just as i would if i wasn't on mirena. This month, nothing, nada, zip. was due Friday just past.

Go back a bit tho, Friday before i had really bad cramping, had to sleep to get through it and had a tiny bit of pinky-red spotting. that was a week before AF was due.

Tuesday after that, i discover I'm lactating, colostrum.

Wednesday i do a preg test- negative, i got to the Dr and she sees mirena on my file and says i have to be tested for a brain tumor (as, you know, you can't get pregnant on mirena- 'rolls eyes')thyroid problems and such. Totally ignored that it could be pregnancy also. I have been a bit overwhelmed of late, with work, study, children, husband, car been written off by other driver, husband finding our 2 year old son across the street when my friend who works in childcare with me was apparently watching him, haven't spoken to her since. My hubby didn't tell me till after she left, so i didn't strangle her. We live on a main road. Anyway, so been a bit, i guess stressed, as my hair was falling out. I asked if it is stress what can be done as I'm obviously not coping and she told me to meditate. Meditate! WHEN?

Thursday, the nausea begins as soon as i get out of bed and persists all day, on and off. And cramping, so I'm thinking it's premenstrual. I've had headaches on and off for a few days and a temp but i assumed that was due to having a cold.

Friday, AF due- no AF! nausea in morn and hungry at the same time, ick, cramping, backache but not my usual AF cramping which feels like someone stabbing me in my ovaries and my backache is more like pelvis ache. But this ache was bit higher as well and my cramps were in the middle of my tummy and dull ache. still lactating and boobs are achy.

Saturday, the same, but bad headache that panadol couldn't combat. Still no AF.

Sunday, the same, no AF, neg preg test again, more of a twingie pulling cramp this time, mild headache.

Monday, all the same, and also discover I'm constipated TMI? LOL and can't sleep. Been asked a few times if I'm pregnant, been told I'm pregnant also, I guess as I have a little bump,I just feel bloated all the time and somehow some of my pants have gotten tight around the hips and butt and I don't own a dryer! LOL actually made that discovery a week earlier. Pants not dryer, ha ha.
So decided to get another opinion, with my usual GP and I'm completely healthy. No tumor, normal prolactin(makes you lactate)levels, thyroid fine. So Dr examines me and my 'girls' as i protested when he read out that the other DR wrote "spots on nipple" She tried to tell me i was still lactating from feeding my son a year ago, disregarding that it dried up completely 8 months ago, and why would it suddenly regress into colostrum after as she believes i have been lactating for over two years straight. He discovered the discharge, didn't say it was colostrum but did notice that I have very prominent Montgomery's Tubercles, which weren't like that half a week before. He said that mirena does have a very low rate of pregnancy incidence but the Montgomery's tubercles were not expected as it doesn't occur in stress related lactation. He had a patient recently with stress related lactation. and it's not a tumor. So he's retesting my blood but for pregnancy and hormones (they keep it for a week)and today I'm having a pelvic ultrasound and breast ultrasound.

I'm not convinced I'm pregnant, but i definitely feel that way. I wanted to post this as there are a lot of women out there feeling like this but a lot of the time you never find out what the result was. I even if they weren't pregnant. I hope this helps someone one day...

Good luck, and kind wishes to those of you going through this too.

Keep you posted LOL...


[Edited on 13/03/2009]
oh my dear... sounds like hell..
i dont know what to say,but i wish you all the best and hope that all comes back ok.
smile ill hold thumbs for you

plus i feel stupid, as i wouldnt have a clue what mirena is....
[Edited on 10/03/2009]
Hi Kelly,
Thanks, hun, for your kind words.
I'm hoping i find out more tomorrow.
Mirena is an IUD with progesterone, contraceptive device in the uterus. Supposed to be 99.9% effective in preventing pregnancy. I guess we'll see...

Don't feel stupid, i tend to forget that not many people use it Aust, as far as i can tell. When i got it the pharmacist didn't even know what it was.

thanks babe...
i do hope that all goes well and you should let me know. we are trying for number 2 but i think that i have my visitor... i had all sorts of feelings in the past 2 weeks but i guess im not lucky again.. but hey we'll keep going.
god luck with your app today
Hey chicky,
I spoke to a gyno and she explained to me exactly how mirena works. Eggs can still get fertilized, but the progesterone in the mirena causes the lining to be insufficient to support implantation and the fertilized egg and is expelled from your body. She said i was pregnant, that's why my body acted the way it did but my uterus couldn't support the pregnancy. I had very low levels of hcg because that isn't properly released until the egg and such attaches to the uterus lining.

I feel sad because i chose to have this thing put in there, and little lives are created and then thrown away. I have to have it as i can't use other forms of contraception due to reactions and side effects. I'm not supposed to have anymore children because i go into labor spontaneously at 30 weeks no explanation as to why; happened with both of my pregnancies, my DD Hollie was 3 weeks plus early, was hospitalized for 10 weeks to try and keep her in. they did well. DS was 5 plus weeks early and i had to have an emergency C section and Hunter was in hospital for weeks with complications. They were both gestationally immature compared to what my due date implied. I didn't want to have another baby as i have been blessed with one of each gender and they are now healthy 7 and 2 year olds, and i feel guilty enough for having Hunter as they said i shouldn't have another baby. I know that I'm quite in tune with my body and when i kept being told that I can't be pregnant i felt i couldn't even rely on myself anymore. The Dr wants to put me on antidepressants so i was starting to feel like a nutcase. At least i know i still have me to rely on as my husband want's me to go on antidepressants so i go back to work and get on with life and get over it. he didn't exactly say it like that but that's what he wants. You know what makes me feel better? Hugging my son. He's so affectionate and clingy I can't help loving being needed and loved that much. plus it'll wear off one day. DD 7 going on 17 and i suck to her a lot, lol.

Thanks so much for talking to me, i really appreciate it. I wish you the best of luck for bubby 2. Fingers crossed!

you sound like a remarkable woman... i read all these things here and have no right to complain... although it took me a while to conceive my son lydon and taking a while to fall in with number 2. have been told conflicting messages about me... so im not sure what to think anymore.
i know that its easy for me to say that your not a bad preson and there is no need for you to feel sad, as you doing this for your health, not to destroy... you should never feel guilty for having your lovely babies, as you say they are a gift to you.
as for going on antidepress, i cant say much about that. i just make sure i have enough wine around to help me through things..
your not a nutcase as a lot of people feel so many different things before during and after having a baby... you do what feels right for you... you have made great choices up until now, so dont doubt yourself...
take those hugs and savour them, i do. even when my son shits me, he give me a cuddle or smiles i cant get cross..

i hope you stay positive for yourself.... if you ever need to chat or vent to someone different (other than a usual friend) pls dont hesitate to email me.

Thank you so much, you saying that makes me feel better. your always so busy judging yourself you don't realize people see you in a complete different light. I feel a lot better. Better because I know what has happened and better because I was wrong about my husband.
Currently i work and study and try to be mum, i say try because there is no flexibility in work (I've flexed it enough lately) nor in my study as it is work related so I've been forced to sacrifice home life and that is what is stressing me as I'm only working so we can get a house even tho we earn less with me working due to childcare and fuel etc, I earn negative $130 a week but it looks better than not working to the banks. It's ludicrous! Time with my children, who i chose to have, is getting non existent. plus I work in childcare and from doing so I disagree with having, well my children in care. other peoples circumstances are of course different. They just don't get what i believe, children should, there is no one on one, no doing things at their pace, I should stop before I start.
My husband surprised me last night by saying that when i finish my qualifications I can stay home with the kids and pull Hunter out of care, if i want to. I said to him that he wants a house and i have to work for that to happen, and he said he'd rather us to work, he knows I'm unhappy and a house isn't worth not having me. I told him that alleviated so much of my stress and feeling trapped. He didn't realize that was what was stressing me, but just thought it might help. he said I'm starting to look like me again. lol I'm so lucky i never give up on him.

Do you mind me asking what you mean about these conflicting messages?

Thanks Kelly, don't worry i don't know how to give up, can't help but think the only way is up, even if there is a down. I won't hesitate to email...

Steffy xo
no dont mind you asking.... im soooo dumb whenit comes to these things...
i got my visitor when my son was 6mths.... they were regular like clockwork... but didnt manage to fall in. at the 1yr checkup health nurse said that i can still have my visitor but not release an egg... then dr said that if im regular then im releasing... plus everyone said to try those ovulation things and i did backin nov and there were lines.... so im just confused about all that.

but not to worry bout that as i got my results from my smear today.... i have precancerous cells.. dr said not to worry as if we treat them now then its ok but if we leave them then im in trouble.
im not too worried about it as i dont know what it is. im not going to freak out til i find out for sure... ive told huby and 1 other friend but thats it. my mom will freak tooooooo much so not telling her..
its all good though, im just going to stay positive.... there are a few worst case senarios but too many, so why stress what i know nothing about. yeah its going to be in the back of my mind, but imnot going to let it worry me too much. im like you. im already down and the only way to go is up...

im glad you feel a bit better and that you hubby has been a bit concerned with you. its such a nice feeling to hear them say nice things unexpectedly. my hubby is at work and we have buthavent really discussed this but there is nothing to discuss yet. my girlfriend asked me if i had had a cry yet.... nope, may hit me later but not yet.
ill chat to you a bit more later as even though im not letting it worry me ive still got it in the backof my head.... plus im worried that im going to burn supper (as my head is in the clouds)

So glad that all going a bit better for you. thanks for listening
I'm the same, I've just been lucky with the conceiving. I fell pg with DD at 18, and it was the second time we slept together. Big accident but we took responsibility for our actions. We've never had a choice of not working things our between us as both of us are very family orientated and our children are our responsibility together. Thank god. My parents didn't feel that way, never met my dad. anyway after i had her i was on the pill for 5 years, i hate telling people this, which is kinda sad but I've encountered people thinking I'm, like talking myself up, but i fell pg with hunter after a month off the pill. so it's never been something that was brought up but i was told after hunter i was very lucky coz you only ovulate once a year. I don't know whats true or not, hey. But, hey, you can have my luck, here all for you... My step mother had to do ivf and she won't even look at me (wife to my sis dad, my mum put him on my birth cert, lied to him) long story.

Anyway what i want to say is I'm so sorry sweetie. I'm sure it will be ok, fingers crossed for you. Your being so strong, but don't bottle it, hun, a cry will be good for you. been there with the crying, hysterically. Please keep me updated. thinking of you.

Steffy xo
yeah!! its all good.
ill have a cry soon enough but right now i dont even feel like it.

sorry to hear about your past... seems strange that people can have similar pasts to others. my dad wasnt there/ around for us as he was a truckie. plus he couldnt be bothered. never came to a sporting event unless he could have a beer at the bar.
but we ok. i havent seen him since i was 16.... im 36 next month.

it took us about 14 mths to fall in with lydon. so im not going to hold it against you that you can fall in easier than me, its just life. my girlfriend was the same.

i guess i have to put it all on hold for now and wait for this to be sorted before i try. my luck would be that i fall in this month and have to make an agonising decision due to health reasons... so not going to try this month... as my visitor is here i will just be careful towards the end of the month. im ok with it now.. well for now anyway.
im just going to enjoy right now.

thanks for caring and am sending warm thoughts back to you.
enjoy your weekend
I know this post is 10 years old. But it came up on a google search for Mirena and Montgomery's tubercles. I was surprised and upset to find such an incorrect description of Mirena's mechanism of action. Let's break this down.

Mirena is an intra-uterine device that releases a slow, steady dose of hormonal birth control. The specific hormone is levonorgestrel, which is a progestin. Progestins bind to progesterone receptors, so the body thinks they're progesterone, even though they're not quite. Levonorgestrel is the same hormone in the arm implant types of birth control. It's the active ingredient in "Plan-B" and other over-the-counter "morning after pills." It is used in combination birth control pills as well, where it's mixed with estrogen.

Progestins are used rather than bioidentical progesterone because progesterone isn't active in the body for as long. You would need to take it every 12 hours and be precise about taking it at the same times every day in order to get protection against pregnancy. Synthetic progestins like levonorgestrel are more powerful than progesterone, and stay active in the body longer. The effects are very similar to the effects of natural progesterone, though.

To figure out what progesterone does, just look at the word: pro-gest. Pro-gestation. Pro-pregnancy. When you conceive, your progesterone goes way up. It's progesterone that prevents miscarriage. Levonorgestrel actually can't cause a miscarriage or abortion. I'm actually from the US, I just made an account here because I hate misinformation. But here in the US, the politics around abortion are extremely fraught. Levonorgestrel 1.5mg as a morning-after pill is legal over-the-counter, no ID check, sold even to minors. This is because it was proven conclusively that it is NOT an abortion pill, and will not harm any embryo, zygote, or fertilized egg. If conception has ALREADY occurred, levonorgestrel will not stop that pregnancy. It will only prevent a pregnancy when there is no fertilization yet.

So, what is the mechanism of action? This is actually complex. Conventional wisdom is that progestins in birth control suppress ovulation. No ovulation, no babies. However, this is a question of dose. The Mirena IUD releases 20mcg levonorgestrel per day when first placed, decreasing to around half that over five years. It is more effective because it's right up in your reproductive organs and because it always being there and steadily releasing hormones means you can't forget a dose. However, that dose only stops ovulation in about a third of users. (Which is why some users stop having periods on Mirena, and some don't.) The dose necessary to inhibit ovulation in most users would be something like 60mcg. So how does it work in the other two thirds of users? Levonorgestrel thickens the cervical mucous, which is one of those "the body thinks it's pregnant" things. If you're already pregnant, your cervix doesn't need any new visitors right now. Sperm can't get through the cervix, so eggs don't get fertilized.

This is extremely effective, but it's not ironclad. Some antibiotics can mess with hormonal birth control's effectiveness, because the body thinks they're estrogen and it breaks the "you're pregnant" illusion. Fat can also make estrogen, so medications containing levonorgestrel can be less effective in users of higher weight. If you did get pregnant with Mirena, that wouldn't be ideal, because you have a gizmo stuck in your uterus. But the levonorgestrel itself would NOT prevent implantation. Remember, we're talking 20mcg a day. That's twenty MICROgrams. There are 1,000 micrograms in a milligram. The morning-after pill is 1.5 milligrams, or 1,500 micrograms. If 1,500 micrograms won't stop a fertilized egg from implanting, 20 micrograms certainly will not.

Mirena does not make you "flush away little lifes." So. What happened to OP? Was she pregnant? Did she miscarry?

The number of fertilizations that end in miscarriage is difficult to calculate, because a fertilized egg is one cell in a whole load of menses, talk about a needle in a haystack. But it's at least half. Most of these miscarriages are so abrupt that you would never even know you were pregnant. This seems to be impossible to prevent. Implantation isn't easy. Sometimes the newly fertilized egg just isn't strong enough to get the job done, despite a healthy and ready womb. Sometimes there's a genetic defect in either the egg or the sperm that would make this embryo non-viable. Either way, nature takes its course. Nearly everyone who tries to conceive will have a few attempts that don't make it, without ever knowing.

However, every body change that alerts you to an early pregnancy is caused by hormones. When your baby is smaller than a grain of rice, it's hormones that make your body feel different. Chief among those hormones is progesterone. And a progestin, levonorgestrel. So it acts like progesterone and simulates some of the effects of pregnancy in your body.

In other words, Mirena prevents pregnancy, but it also makes you feel pregnant.

Because Mirena doesn't stop ovulation in two thirds of users, those two thirds will have the ovaries also sending out hormones of their own that change over the course of a month. Which means that you might feel completely different on Mirena week to week. When your body is adjusting to Mirena, you might also get some side effects that go away once you're used to it. So feeling like you were pregnant as a side-effect of the hormones, then that feeling going away, is 100% plausible.

Can you ever know for sure that it wasn't a real pregnancy? No. But if it was, it would have miscarried even without the Mirena. It just wasn't meant to be.

Hollie Hunter, I don't know why your doctor lied to you. I believe you that you were told that Mirena changes your uterine lining and prevents implantation, but it is simply not true. A lot of people who are hard-line anti-abortion try to claim that birth control which does not harm existing pregnancies is the same as an abortion, when it very obviously is not. This is because they don't care about unborn babies, they only care about controlling women's bodies. There is a lot of misinformation being spread by unscrupulous people. Regardless of your position on actual abortion (which would be very off-topic here) Mirena does NOT cause abortions. It's probably prevented many abortions simply by preventing unwanted egg fertilizations, something it's very good at.

As a bit of anecdata for "No, Mirena causes these symptoms when you're not pregnant," I was googling this because I had Montgomrey tubercle swelling on levonorgestrel. Even though I had to say "trying to conceive" to sign up without having to give a due-date for a non-existent baby, I haven't had sex with a man since a wild New Year's party 12 years ago. I am 100% guaranteed not pregnant. I am using the levonorgestrel for PMS symptoms, not as contraception. It gives me symptoms of pregnancy.

To everyone else who may find this post searching for these symptoms or worrying that they may have been pregnant on Mirena and miscarried, I hope this answer comforts you. To the people in this thread, even though this was 10 years ago, if you see this, I also hope it brings you some comfort to know that, if you are ideologically opposed to preventing implantation of fertilized eggs, that isn't something you did with Mirena, because Mirena is incapable of doing that. There are pills that do do that, such as mifepristone and misoprostol. These are not progestins, and they are not found in Mirena. Though mifepristone and misoprostol are also sometimes called "morning-after pills," they are not similar to levonorgestrel. This can cause confusion in some people, though I really hope a doctor would be educated enough to know the difference.
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