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Vitex and anovulation? Lock Rss

Hi all, well its time to start getting things ready for #2. I have a pituitary tumour which affects my hormone levels and I therefore do not ovulate. I have been doing research on the web as I got a letter from Gyno and its a 6 month wait to see her, and I wanna get pregnant before june. Anyway is there anyone out there that has tried Vitex and has worked? I would love to hear from anyone that has had success in using Vitex.


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I was on Vitex for 2 months and fell pregnant second month. It really worked well for me. I know at least 4 other women that have used vitex and fallen pregnant within 3-4 months.
You should also take vitamin B6 daily and folic acid.

It's important for your partner to be taking vitamins too. My DH was on menevit, zinc and vitamin C.

Good luck with TTC smile

i conceived my son on chaste tree...was put on it for my cycles as there up and down and long. was on it 3 months when i got preg...bit of a slip up if u know what i mean.i know it gives u a good quality egg as well. ihave now just gone back on it to ttc #3. i was taking it for 4 weeks while i was preg but not knowing i was preg..just thought my cycles had gone weired again...i know its not good to take when u are preg but i had a healthy son anyway
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