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i have no idea on how to TTC Lock Rss

hey ladies
so i need ur help badly smile

i have a 3.5 year old and when i fell preg with her she wasnt planned, so now we are trying for number 2 but i have no idea how this ovulation and fertile day thing works ive used a ovulation calender on my phone i have a 29 day cycle and period is 7-8 days my period is odd the first 3 days theres hardly anything then day 4 my period is so heavy for the next2 days then its gone its never been like that only the last 3 times sad so anyways back to ttc the calender tells me atm im fertile fro today tomorrow and wednesday then thursday im ovulation its so confusing i have no idea what this all means can u please help me and explain it all to me what the diff is on ovulationg and fertile also i dont understand all short writting terms u girls use on here i kno ttc and DD thats it lol


ovulating is when you release an egg signs can be EWCM and cramps from either side of pelvis this is when you are most fertile but this doesn't mean it is on day 14 as all woman are different I would either temp check or OPK or even both

fertile is the small gap before and after egg is released as eggs don't last as long as sperm

hey thanks but what does EWCM and OPK mean i dont know all the short word slang lol so does ovulating mean i can fall preg or only when fertile? so confussing

opk- ovulation pridicator kit

EWCM- egg white cervical mucus
when you are fertile that is when the better chance of falling pregnant

thanks hun lol i have no idea lol so got a question can ppl also fall preg when they are ovulating?
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