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July 2012 TTC Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

My DF and I have been trying for 2 years and 5 months I think it is now? Not sure, lost my ticker.. anyway I am coming off hormone medication for my Endometriosis in a month (so end of June) and we have been given the green light to start trying again. I have 1-2 months of trying on our own (up to me) then we have to start Clomid because if we don't conceive soon after I stop my medication, my endometriosis will get worse again and we'll be back to square one. So the pressure is on!!

Any tips for what I should be doing now to increase my chances of conceiving soon?
Also, just for fun, does anyone know the "girl diet"? I would be so grateful to have a baby in my arms, I don't care what sex we have, but thought i'd try the girl diet for a bit of fun and a distraction while we're TTC.

Thanks xx

Oh and feel free to join me in TTC July!!

T xo

Thanks Ilovemylilbugs smile I appreciate the luck, i'm gonna need it!

That's fantastic that it only took you one round to conceive! I love hearing positive reviews tongue
Although i'm scared of conceiving multiples, and he said it will increase my chances. Did you have a C/S when you delivered your twins? is it harder to bond with twins then a singleton? Sorry for all the questions! I'm just so excited/nervous that it might be happening soon that I can't stop thinking about everything.

I see you're TTC also, I hope that this is your month!

Thanks for the info on the suppliments, I'll add them to my shopping list. I have a few questions about Clomid, Did you have any bad side effects? Do they think that's what influenced you having twins?

Thanks for your help

T xo

Hey girls, good luck to you both, positive thoughts and fingers crossed this will be your month. My partner and I are ttc baby number 3, I have to beautiful boys already 6 & 3 and cannot wait to add the final addition to our family smile have just recently had my mirena taken out so keeping my fingers crossed if does not take to long to fall pregnant. Look forward to seeing what July brings smile

S xoxo
Ohhh just missed the end of your post TJK. I wasn't going to write it lol but I am doing the girl diet now, some ppl are really judgemental on it ive found so kinda keeping it quiet. if you want any info on it send me a MSG on here and I can send you everything I have. Dont get me wrong I'd be beyond the moon if we got another little man but would like to see if we could sway our chances in the girl direction, there have been no girls in my husbands family for 10 generations so fingers crossed to changing that smile
Hi Princey12!

I've tried to message you but it won't let me. It says you need to be following me or something? This new forum confuses me lol!

I'd love to hear about the diet. As I've said, I'll be grateful for a baby of any sex, but cause we may not be able to have anymore, there's no harm in doing a diet to sway the odds. I won't use timing or other methods though, I will not decrease my chances of conceiving.

T xo

Hi smile I was in the June TTC thread, but didnt end up trying that month due to complications at home, but will be trying for number 3 this month. I'll be using the shettles method to try for a boy. I'll still be over the moon if we have another girl, but it doesnt hurt to try & Im curious to see if it'll work for us.

I hope this is THE month for everyone TTC!! Sticky babydust to all x
Hi white with two!

Good luck for July! I hope to have 3 kids one say also smile I'll keep my fingers crossed for a boy for you.

T xo

Thanx TJK smile
Hi white smile oo this is exciting lol I was really unsure about joining a ttc thread but now I'm excited to be able to talk to you girls about it smile T I'm not sure why it won't let you?? I'm using my phone ATM but tomorrow I can send you threw the info I have, pretty much a low salt diet and heaps of calcium. I've started taking calcium, magnesium and folate tablets and am testing my urine to see if my urine is more acidic as apparently girl sperm thrive in that and they boy sperm don't like it to much lol also they suggest hubby has a hot shower/bath just before doing the deed as they boy sperm don't like it?? Not sure on these things but think its worth giving it a go. For ttc boys as far as I know salt and lots of it lol I'm usually soo healthy and all the foods they suggest for girls is not so I'm struggling a tad, didn't think I'd ever get sick of custard and yogurt tho now I know I've ovulated this month I'm going back to normal eating until its period time then back into it. Please don't quote me on all that it's just what I've taken on the research I've done. Hope it helps smile
Unhealthy hey? I'm sure I could manage that wink

I'm taking calcium and magnesium tablets and a pregnancy multivitamin, I'm just eating extra calcium and reducing my meat and not eating bananas etc, that's probably all I'll do, I desperately want a baby and don't want to lessen my chance by trying the hot shower and timing methods.

I'm just so excited to be a part of the group now that we might be in for a chance smile
Hoping my drugs to reduce endo have been working and we conceive first month, otherwise it's straight on to clomid and trying again. So so ready for this baby!

Wishing you all lots of luck for July!

Sorry not sure what's happened with my posts
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