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  5. Can anyone tell me what happens with semen analysis tests?

Can anyone tell me what happens with semen analysis tests? Lock Rss

Hi everyone, I'm Emily and my partner and I are TTC. I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago and have been getting tests/scans done/updated and will start Metformin next month to see if that will help me ovulate. My doctor has suggested in the meantime that my partner has a semen analysis test done, (which he's not looking forward too (smile, and so I've done a bit of research but most of the info is from outside of Australia. So could anyone please tell me about a semen analysis test? (-Does he go to his GP for this? -Can the..... "production" of the sample.. be done at home then delivered to a collection centre or in Australia are there places that he goes to produce the sample?) Thanks heaps in advance!
For us it was pretty similar to a urine sample. Sample collected at home in provided container, wrapped in foil to keep close to body temp and was required to be delivered to collection place within the hour.
You may need to ring around to find the collection sites (GP or OBs will give you referral).

Oh also I think it was a sample after 48 ish hours of nil ejaculation.

Good luck smile
Thanks for the replies smile my fertility specialist said he can just go see his GP for it, but I'm not sure what will happen with the results? Did you book a second app or do they ring with the results etc?
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