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TTC after Depo. Lock Rss

Hi, I'm just after some first hand experiences of TTC after being on Depo shot. My next dose is due next week, which I am skipping, so I know I have a long wait anyway but would just like to hear people's experience.
I've been on it about a year, 4 shots.
Hi there, sorry to hijack but Im also interested too. I had 1 shot in October last year and not taking my shot which is also due next week. xx

mummy to dd 20/11/2006, dd18/02/2010

Glad I have someone to share the journey with smile
Hi! I know this is 7 months old this thread but how have you been going???
Nothin happening here yet unfortunately. Still waiting for my cycle to return
I'm sorry to hear that. I was on depo for about 5 years and have now recently been on the pill for a year and half to try and regulate something. We now are going to start TTC so I guess I need to prepare myself for a long wait.....stupid depo
I've seen a million other women comment about how it only took 1-2 months to get their cycle back or they fell pregnant immediately etc. (which is super disheartening to read *sigh*) so I think chances are likely it may happen quick for you
sad Don't lose hope!!!! Lots of luck your way!!!!!
Thank you. I'm seeing the GP about it tomorrow as I'm hoping they can help me figure something out
How did your appt go today?
Nothing too remarkable unfortunately. Just said that it can take up to 2 years so I shouldn't be worrying about anything and to give it time.
I also saw him about my son not sleeping and he told me to book an appointment with the child health nurse that comes outgoing our centre, to see her about my son and so I figure I might make An appointment with her about me as well as she is also an women's health nurse and midwife.
Oh wow! 2 years!! Gosh don't you wish you can go back in time and choose a different form of contraceptive?? Well I hope the health nurse/midwife can shed some light on it for you
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