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TTC June 2017 Rss

Are you trying to conceive this month? Join others and share your journey on this thread! We wish you the very best of luck wink
Yup....been trying for 3yrs and 4 month's as a matter of fact sad
Yes i am ????
What cycle day are you cassy(and any other ladies on this thread)?
I'm CD9 atm smile

How long have you been trying to conceive?
My last cycle ending, marked 3years and 4 month's.

Do you have any other children?
I have "4"
To elaborate, I had two early pregnancy losses at 7weeks 6days gestation, and 5weeks 4days gestation. I also lost my first little boy at 20 weeks gestation. I have one living son who is 4years 6months old.

If you have other children, what was TTC like with your previous child/ren?

Mine where easy conceptions, my two early losses where 1 month and happy surprise, my angel son took 3months, my rainbow took 6 month's.

What has TTC been like this time around?

Long answer....well my hubby and I have aged a few years obviously and lifestyles have changed. He's been working since a month before our rainbows birth(studied before that) and I'm a SAHM (also studied in two courses before that). Since having my rainbow my PCOS was triggered severely, I'd always had hirsutism and such but never had the polycyctic ovaries, irregular cycles or insulin resistance, which I now have all, my BMI is 30.5, my ovaries are cystic and my menstrual cycles while not awfully out of whack, vary from one to the next between 26-33days apart with the most recent being 31days. I also have Hypothyroidism. Hubby...welp maybe it was the years of energy drink consumption, I don't know, he hasn't had one for 18months, but late last year 2 semen analysis' 5 month's apart showed poor sperm morphology, the rest of his results where fine. I have previously temp tracked and confirmed ovulation on varying days of cycle corrosponding to length of cycle but consistently having 12 day luteal phases, still, because rarely two cycle in a row are the same length, it is hard for me to predict ovulation beforehand. Haven't temped in a while but giving cervical checking and Cervical mucous tracking a good go atm.
I made changes to diet, I do fertility yoga, I take pre conceptions and hubby menevit. Things I didn't previously do (only took folic acid as preconceptions previously).
Furthermore we have made an effort NOT to time sex, we have been very particular about not allowing it (TTC) to cause excessive stress and strain and taking the fun out of our sex life (it did this with our rainbow). We are however planning to start a 100day sex challenge soon haha, having it everyday for 100days (yup including AF haha). We have also seen fertility specialists, and unfortunately our specialists did not allow us to make informed decisions on what assisted reproduction techniques we wanted to persue instead, insisting IVF was our only option, we at this point are not comfortable with IVF for many reasons and so declined and our specialist has decided to not have us back until ready to do IVF, so we are on our own. This time TTC has been life changing. I never imagined it would be like this. I never imagined I'd start envying friends who have had 1 or more babies while waiting for my 1. It has been a real try of mental and emotional strength.

Hi mummas and mummas-to-be!

My name is Sasha Davies, and, along with being a hopeful mum-to-be in the next 12-18 months, I am a PhD candidate at Deakin University’s School of Psychology, where my team and I are in the process of recruiting participants for our “Baby Brain” Research Study.

This research project primarily focuses on trying to understand if and how pregnancy changes our brains, and how this might influence differences in weight gain during pregnancy. We will be tracking women from the pre-conception phase through to their third trimester.

My team and I are hoping to recruit between 70-100 women living in the Melbourne region who are planning to become pregnant in the next 1-12 months. If this sounds like a project that you would be interested in participating in, we would love to hear from you! Our study is completely safe and non-invasive, and all information provided by our participants is completely confidential. Your participation is 100% voluntary, and all participants will go into the chance to win a $100 Coles-Myer gift voucher at each completed testing time point as a "thank you" for your time.

We are also proud to announce that our project's website is now live ( We are really excited to invite you all to have a peek at it, and pass it along to anyone you know who may also be interested.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Contact details:
Name: Sasha Davies (PhD Candidate, Deakin University)
Email: or
Good morning, i am on cd 3. I have 4 boys and 1 girl. My youngest boy is 5 yrs old. Pregnancy with my five kids was easy to conceive. I have decided to try for a 6th baby because my husband wants to try to have a girl. This will be the first month trying to conceive. Hopefully i will be able to conceive easy like my other pregnancies. I am a little older and i did waited longer to have my 6th baby. My kids are 3 yrs apart so will see how it goes.
I am on my 3rd day of my mentrual period. I will be ovulating in 13 to 14 days so hopefully it happens on the first try.????
Goodluck hun! Trying for a long time sucks so I hope you don't get stick in the long haul boat. I'm CD15 now, in my fertile phase smile
Are you anxious or possibly overthinking about getting pregnant?.It might help if you try to take your mind off getting pregnant.Find a distraction.Another that i read to avoid doing is having sex on the day of your ovulation because it might be too late as after ovulation,the egg can be fertilized for only about 24 hours. You might want to give this book i am reading now a chance because i have gained insights on more natural methods you could consider also. Here is a link to this amazing book:
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