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Clomid - experiences & ttc Rss

Would love to hear of your experiences with Clomid.
I just got a script to start Clomid 50mg from my GP as im not ovulating on my own. I already have a soon to be 3 year old which we conceived first month trying (no fertility treatment/drugs). My GP has said he can give me a refferal to the fertility clinic, but that they will likely just tell me the same thing, is this correct?
Also, wondering if anyone has the latest statistics for having multiples on Clomid,,,my GP tells me over 50% ?! This certainly scares me a bit.
For those that have concieved on Clomid, how long did it take and what was your dose?
I was on clomid and told a 10% risk of multiples. I had it thru a fertility clinic though who monitored number of follicles, and 3 mature follicles is the most they will continue ahead with, if more, they will ask you use protection to avoid the risk of multiples. You should try clomid to see if it helps, and if still nothing ask for refferal, as there could be other issues going on that your GP can't diagnose.

For me it took 2 months on 50mg dose, but I was also having puregon shots to help keep follicles growing, and IUI to conceive.
Thanks alot for your reply. 10% sounds more realistic.
How do they check for the follicles? What type of test?
Glad to hear you only had to wait 2 months for a Bfp ????
I conceived both my boys using clomid, with my first boy we had been trying for 3 years with no luck, first month on clomid 50mg I fall pregnant, my second boy we had been trying for a year then got put on 150mg of clomid and fall pregnant the 3rd month on it. I was seen through a specialist and not my gp, was unaware GPS could prescribe it as my gp has just referred me both times. I was told 10% chance of multiples smile good luck with ttc smile

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