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My Infertility story. Lock Rss

I never have to work until I become a confident to face the infertility issue and face the thing which important for me. I am 35 year old and my husband is 40 year old. It’s been a 8 year we marries to each other.
I am here to prepare myself for the important surgery next week. Everything which is happening around me controls me to focus on the negativity. I want to get success in the surgery. I believe I need to stay tough.
I have really great support of my husband. He is supporting from last few years. Even in the last infertility test he gave me emotional support. I respect him and I believe that tests are important to know the results.
The last result shows that there is no any problem with the eggs. Even the eggs are same as the 20 year and I believe there is a hope. Hopes are important thing when you go for the impossible thing and not in our hands.
We met with the family doctor. He suggests the fertility expert. The expert took several test of us. Even the test was so damn bad that I can’t even tolerate but I was happy that my husband has no issue. There is problem in the tube of mine
I feel sorry for you! Do not give up, many women have problems with this. just try to find a good doctor and do not lose hope!
I can feel your situation. I am facing this problem from many years. And i faced so many difficulties in my life because of this. I think you should consider the surrogacy process now. I know i can't have a baby naturally, so that's why i am trying to have a baby through surrogacy. IVF is the second other options you can choose to have a baby. You are lucky, your husband is supporting and taking care of you. Just do some research about the the clinics. I find many good clinics regarding surrogacy process. And i am planing to visit the clinic soon. Best of luck. It's tough in start to think about surrogacy. But after some time, you will get used to it.
dear girl, you are strong.The way you have explained seems like i is nothing.But in reality, i know this all is very harming to one's mental health.It is not easy to cope up with all of this with a good support of a loving husband.But you will come around.If a door closes another opens up.Happy conceiving sister.Much love and support
Hello there, I hope you are doing fine. I really didn't get the main problem with you. It would be great if you explain your problem in more detail.
Your husband seems like a nice partner.
Explaining your problem in detail will help me suggest you a better solution. The best option for your defected tube right now is IVF. It might help you to carry a child.
I will be waiting for your reply in order to discuss the issue in detail with you.
Hey there, Melissa, I hope you're doing good. I am sure this must be a very difficult time for you. I can totally understand your problem and what you're going through. I also tried for 3 years with no result at one point I completely lost hope as nothing was happening. Anyways, I was then put on medication and what not. Nothing was working for me I thought I had lost my own battle. I still don't feel any positve or motivated as I have stopped expecting any more.However, a progress has definitely been made I was suggested to look into two treatments IVF and surrogacy. I thought IVF it is because I thought it would hopefully work out. However, the clinic I have opted to go for have suggested that my situation is very complicated. As I have poor ovarian reserve along with irregular AF. So I am slightly positive now as I saw so many couples in the clinic for whom these assisted conceptions are working out. I would honestly suggest you the same go to the clinic ask them what is suitable in your situation and get the treatment done. Best of luck don't lose hope I hope things get better for you. Sending baby dust your way with lots of warm wishes.
It is so important to have a supportive partner in this journey.I feel like the thought of it is just taken for granted are really blessed to have a man like that in your life.Have you started any IVF cycles though? I mean it won't really be advisable at this.I don't mean to sound disheartening but the numbers say so.I don't think you should be going for IVF cycles etc.I really hope your surgery goes well and you can have a baby of your own.Do not lose hope though there is still a way to have a family of your own.Much love to you guys and sending baby dust your way.
Hi there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. It really breaks my heart that you have to go through this. I am also glad that your husband is with you. I wish you good luck. Hoping to hear more from you.
Hi Melissa. I am so sorry to hear your story. I have had pretty much the same experience. I had 2 miscarriages and then later it was later revealed that I couldn't conceive. I had been TTC only for 2 years then. My doctor asked me if I'd be okay with surrogacy and I was as no other option was left. My husband was so supportive. We went around and saw some clinics. Then one of our relatives suggested us the one in Ukraine. We met the doctors. They were so nice to us and explained us the whole procedure. I'd suggest you give a visit to that clinic. It will definitely be worth it. They are great at what they do and never send a couple back without a baby. Let me know what you thought of this. Good luck.
Dear Melissa, it is great to know that both of you are fit and fine. Delays in the conception are because of several reasons. If everything is fine with your tubes and there is no issue with your husband too, then try to look for some other tests too. It is possible that your eggs are weak. In such situations, you cannot make a decision in hassle. Everything has to be done in a calculated manner. Th first thing is the right diagnosis. There is number of fertility clinics. Your area must have numerous clinics helping out the people in dealing with their inability to conceive. Don't choose a clinic hassle. Look for the reviews. Discuss the matter with your friends who have experienced with some clinics. Visit a clinic that has the best services. Discuss everything with your doctor. The clearer the picture you give, the better will be the results. If your physician suggests for a procedure or treatment, take a second opinion before going for the treatment. Search for all kind of information available related to the procedure. Follow the directions of your physician religiously. In your situation, it is essential to stay calm.
Infertility is very difficult and hard to deal with. Wishing you luck
So, basically, you have a blocked fallopian tube? I have a few questions before I can understand your situation. I know you are tired of infertility. Even the treatments are reminders of our infertility. I understand it is very painful for you. However, you said before that your test came out all right. But in the end, you said that your tests came out very bad? Could you please elaborate what did you mean by bad test results? The more we know, the better we can answer. As for your husband, it is great that you have his moral and emotional support. Sometimes, hope is the only thing keeping us alive. If nothing else seems to be working, have you considered assisted pregnancy? I would suggest you try IVF first. But in your case, it might have less chance of success. Have you tried any treatment for blocked tubes yet? What treatment did you go for? I've had surrogacy, so I can guide you about that.
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