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pregnancy test is negative Lock Rss

hi. how are you?. deeply in full of sorrow. I am sorry to hear your conditions. It is really hard to accept all this. realistically deal with it. infertility is a curse now. it creates much hopelessness in the family. do not lose hope. But its treatment could be possible by IUI, IVF, and surrogacy. I will advise you to go for surrogacy. you are trying, again and again, to single to a single method. you would be sad to know to hear this that I was also infertile for the last two years. but I choose surrogacy as an option. now I am blessed with a child.IVF also good. But surrogacy is the best I have ever seen. hope for good. Best wishes.
Sweetheart, don't lose hope. Don't do that. You have to be faithful. I felt same when Lotus did not respond. Everything will be fine. Try the test again after a couple of days. Sometimes it works with a delay.
I am so sorry my love. I feel terrible reading this. Maybe it happened due to stress? Almost similar happened to a friend. First her two cycles failed at Lotus clinic. It was the doctor's fault. Then her third cycle failed at a different clinic. It was due to stress this time.
Dear don't waste your time. At this age it IVF treatment will fail. You need to get your treatment of surrogacy from a good clinic in Europe. Beware of lotus clinic. I have read many bad reviews about it. They are scammers. Wish you best of luck for that. Baby dust to you
Sandrape788 wrote:
I'm writing this in tears. Pregnancy test is negative. Don't understand why. Everything went great. Transferred 3 healthy eggs. Despite of my age, Dr. said my eggs are great. Chances were so high. Maybe it failed again because of my age? Don’t understand what’s the reason? This is our 3rd failed IVF!!! I’m so shattered. Can’t believe it’s happening again. Everything was so great! I was so sure this time we’ll get pregnant. I've heard that success rates increase with each next IVF. I've read that after failed IVF you are more fertile your first cycle due to all the high amount of drugs you've taken. Anyone else heard of that? I believed it was true, but… Meet with my RE next monday to discuss next try. What can improve my sucess rate? HELP!!

When an IVF cycle fails unfortunately no one has an answer! Not even your doctor! You might have had a perfect cycle. Lots of eggs, good fertilization rate, good quality embryos, excellent endometrium, easy embryo transfer.. But no positive pregnancy test! On the other hand your friend might have had a very poor IVF cycle (With few eggs and poor quality embryos) and they might end up getting pregnant! IVF is like a gamble. It involves not only your money, but also your fragile baby dreams.. The sad truth is that there is no logical explanation for the outcome of an IVF cycle. Be it a success or a failure. This is 'cause we still don't understand the logic beyond the biological process that controls embryo development and implantation. Once the embryo is transferred to the uterus, no one knows what happens to it after this. So I believe, the most important duty of an IVF doc is to teach his patients how to prepare themselves for an IVF failure. A good one will spend time and energy to educate his patients about the uncertainty inherent in an IVF process. He must not falsely raise the hopes of his patients and must not promise them a baby. Just explain things the best way before they start treatments. The only answer after ivf fails is ''Try one more time!'' And as for the ways to prepare your body better talk to your doc, he knows the peculiarities of your case so will advise the best for you. Good luck, honey, stay strong!!
Hey Lara I hope you are well. Thank you for giving her advice. You are so right about the IVF process. It is indeed very unpredictable. You never know if it will work for you or not. It was really tricky for us as well. Mainly because previously the clinic I was visiting with them all my procedures failed. It was later on that I switched to a different clinic that I realized that there were so many other factors that I was not looking into. For procedures like IVF or any other, it is really important to visit the right doctor. He should be experienced! Meaning they should know how to carry the process out. The reason why things went really well during my last process is because of this reason. Therefore, I always tell people to research. Good luck to you too. I hope things go well for you.
Sandra, hey! My prayers are that you're doing better, now. This is tough news to take. I'm really sorry you had to go through with this. You don't deserve it! It must be an awful scenario. I will advise you to stop thinking about it. I know it's easier said than done. That's the best thing you can do, right now, though. It's imperative that you understand that IVF takes time. It gets better, eventually. You always have a chance. Keep trying, please, okay? Remember, don't put all your eggs in one basket. There are other methods, too. For your sake, I hope it works out this time.
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