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pregnancy test is negative Lock Rss

"Hey there. I hope that you're doing good. I'm really sorry about your situation. I can understand what you're going through because I've been through this too. TTC is a very difficult job. Infertility is becoming increasingly common but please don't lose hope. Today's medical advancement can make everything possible and procedures are there to overcome infertility too. You just need to explore them. I've been trying to conceive from a long time too but nothing worked for me. IVF is a big NO for me because it needs your body to respond and in my case, my body is not very responsive. It is a painful procedure and success rate is quite low. Like you I'll go through surrogacy too because the success rate of surrogacy is quite high. I wish you good luck in your journey and hope for the best outcomes. May luck be with you! "
Hey, keep your hopes high. No doubt you have gone through a lot of struggle. IVF isn't always successful on the first few attempts. Its definite heart shattering but hold it together. The hurdles and delays in your journey always make your destination beautiful. It all be well worth the wait. Good luck. We are all here for each other.
Hey there. How are you doing? Hope you're doing amazing. I am very very sorry to hear about you. This is indeed a devastating thing to go through. And the way you've been sane all through the chaos is commendable. You're one very strong woman. Don't lose your hope just yet. Look for fertility clinics in Europe. They are best at what they do. And I'm speaking about that based on personal experience. I was infertile. But now I have a healthy young baby. You'll get your way around too. So much love!
Dear don't worry. Dont get disappointed. I feel really sorry for your loss. It will be really tough for you. Don't lose hope. try again. This time you will be successful. My best wishes are with you.
Hey there Sandra! How are you feeling now der? I am really sad that you have to go through such difficult times dear! But trust me that you are not the only one going through issues like this. There are many women out there who are facing similar or at times worse issues. I am sure that there went something wrong during the process of IVF. Otherwise, I am sure that you will be able to conceive with the help of IVF. I am suggesting you this really nice clinic in Europe that I have been visiting lately and it is amazing. Trust me their services are up to the mark. Do visit this place and I am sure that when they will carry out the IVF process you will be a successful candidate.
Do try this clinic out and stay positive dear!
Good luck and take care of Sandra!
Hi. I am really sorry to see you so sad. It is stressful to not being able to conceive and then failing the infertility treatments. But remember, you will only be successful if you do not give up. Keep your hopes alive. Everyone goes through several fail tries before actually conceiving a baby. It is all going to be worth the pain and efforts, trust me. I had my first child through IUI, after 3 failed attempts. It was really discouraging me but I kept my hopes high and stayed positive. And now I have a beautiful son. However, after some complications, I had to get my uterus removed so opportunities like IVF and IUI are out of my list. I had lost all hopes of getting another baby and was considering to go for adoption. But I met my cousin a few months back and she told me about a clinic in Europe who provide guidance and service for surrogacy. I visited the doctors there, and they were really helpful. I am so glad I opted for surrogacy. I am really looking forwrad to getting my second child now.
It's ok to be in pain and it's normal to feel like you had something to do with it, but it's very unlikely that anything you did or didn't do had anything to do with it. It can happen to anyone for any number of reasons. It's not your fault. Give yourself time to grieve and try again when you're ready. Let yourself do that. Take care of yourself. Your health should be your primary concern now. Both mental and physical health. Try again when you feel strong enough. Feel free to reach out if you feel like it. Hugs.
Hey there, How are you? I have just read your post. It was such a bad time you have faced. I can understand your pain. But I will suggest you go to the best clinic as soon as possible. I know you are thinking negatively at this time but. I want to tell you that my friend also faced the same situation. But she is a mother now. So please do not lose hope. All will be good for you.
Hey dear, Please do not worry. I am very upset with you. You told about your negative test. Just stay positive. If this time it is negative hope so next time surely it will be positive. So don't take tension. If you took then it will harmful for you. Just stay strong and keep trying. I am sure you will be blessed soon. Wish you good luck.
It's okay, sweetheart. I can understand your situation. I can feel your pain. Keep your hopes high. Your next attempt will be successful. My prayers are with you. Stay positive and strong.
I am so sorry to hear this .My elder sister is a doctor she had a colleague who could not have kids. After being married for 5 years. They finally thought of giving IVF a try. Thus after 4 attempts they failed. Leading them to opt for surrogacy. They went to a clinic in Ukraine and got their surrogacy treatment from there. The clinic is called BioTexCom. The couple spent a year and a half there. When they returned they had their baby with them. He was a beautiful child.
Hi Sandra! How are you now? Hope you are better now. I am sorry to hear about your 3rd failed IVF. I would recommend you to change your procedure. If it is not clear to your now let me make it clear that IVF is not for everyone. You might have heard people say that IVF has a high chances of success but that is for women with PCOS. I have also been through 2 failed IVF cycles. I then went for surrogacy. I got in touch with a clinic in Ukraine and began my surrogacy journey. I am so pleased to tell you that I am now able to start my family. I think it will also work for you. All the best to you.
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