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could i be ? what's going on? Rss

Hey there
just bit confused to what happened to me this week! weather i just had some small bug or what i dont know but on thurday morning i woke up feeling fine then all of a sudden i got a hot flush and felt as though i was going to be sick and within minutes i was spewing in the toilet.
the rest of that day i felt tired and wore down.

the nxt day it happened again but now i feel ok but i have small lower back pain.

i was also looking up on the internet today on a ovulation calculator and when me and my DP did the deed according to this calculator i would have been ovulating.

but still have a week and half til AF arrives
Could i be pregnant has this happened to anyone else???????????

Kylie... Jordan, Indiana and Tyson born 3month ear

How long ago did u 'do the deed' because it would take agt least 7 days for the egg to attach to the womb so u wouldnt feel sick b4 then? Do you ovulate early or have a long cycle?

Hopefully u get what ur hoping for smile


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