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Swelling Lock Rss

I am only 18 1/5 weeks and my feet feel they are getting bigger and swallen what can i do cause i didnt have this problem with connor until i was 30 weeks??

TTC a baby girl

Hi Pamela,

I have this same problem & with summer fast approaching I've been told it will only get worse sad .

The two things that I have been doing with a little success are;
* try elevating your feet whenever sitting down. I have an old folding camping stool that is beside the lounge & I use it whenever sitting there.
* when the swelling is really bad I put some ice in a bucket & a little water & put my feet in. Is a bit cold at first though! & then after taking them out of the bucket try sit with feet elevated for at least 10-15mins.

If there are any other suggestions I would love to hear them as well.

Best of luck,

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010


those are good suggestions, but also have you been having your Blood Pressure monitored?? Because swelling early in pregnancy can be an indication that you are pre-disposed or are in the process of develop pre-esclampsia. This is a dangerous and life threatening condition. You should definently have the BP checked out first and if this is ok and has been ok, then you know that nothing serious is causing this problem.

Angie, DE 15/12/05 ,TAS

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