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wanting to be around nail polish and paint Lock Rss

i have noticed that i like the smell of paint or nail polish this is so wierd
why is this am i going insane ???

im over due 3 days now AHHH!!!

michelle 18 nz izzyz mum

I read somewhere that and urge to eat or smell strange or dangerous things is a sign of low iron in pregnancy. Called 'Pica".

Hayley, NSW, Liam 07/02, Beth 09/04, Nate 03/06

its not weird. well i would hope not. i like certain smells lately too. like the smell of my mum;s work car, it has that new car smell....

but mostly it is talcum powder, the johnson & johnson baby powder. i feel weird for saying this but little bits of the powder go up my nose n sometimes i have white snot. now thats weird huh? i think i should stop.

its funny, when i'm a little stressed, these smells relax me.

(wondering if i should go sniff some nail polish...j/k)
i liked the smell of disenfectant and carpet powder, i had to stop myself because i found myself loving the smell more

Emma, Vic, 19mth boy

I didnt get anything werd in my first bub, but my second I loved the smell of cleaning products. I would clean wiht bleach nearly every day. And my blood count and iron was low.
I have not had it thins time though. My iron stores are low but my blood count is ok.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

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