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just wondering what your thoughts are on raspberry leaf tea? if u have tried it? did u think it helped at all? and when u started taking it?

i'm 36wks with my second n have just some raspberry leaf in the tea form, i'm a little worried about using it tho as i have heard it can trigger labour. has any1 had that happen?

looking forward to hearing ur opinions


Hey there.

I haven't had the chance to try this myself yet, though from what i've heard there have been good and bad stories. Some people have said that it's made labour harder, though i guess you can never know what it's going to be like without.. so it may have actually been easier? *shrugs*
Otherwise, there have been alot of people saying it helps.. It apparently shouldn't trigger labour, but more keep your pelvic muscles ready for when it does happen.
You'd probably know this already, but the way it's meant to be taken is from 32 weeks, one cup a day. 34 weeks goes up to 2 cups and 36 weeks is 3 cups a day. Sorry i can't be more help. Would be interesting to know if it actually helps.
Hi there!

Raspberry leaf tea is used to tone the uterus. To make contractions more effective, if you like! It is not an induction method and I can't see how it could possibly make labour harder..... Thats a bit like saying that a runner finds it harder to run if he has done some training rather than if he hasn't......
Due to the fact that it tones the uterus, it shouldn't be taken in early pregnancy and should be taken at recommended doses in later pregnancy. I think for the last few weeks you can drink whatever you like, but its best to check with a naturopath.

Hope this helps!
I think this stuff is suppose to be taken from 34ish weeks (even earlier). If you get it from a health shop the assistant should know. Alot of people will tell you different though. i have heard it is safe to take throughout pregnancy... but i wouldn't do that unless advised safe to do so by a gp.

You can also get it in tablet form.

I drank the loose leaf tea from 36 weeks last pregnancy, but will start earlier this time.

I've had mums, even my own real estate agent swear by this stuff. It's suppose to tone the uterus and assist to ripen the cervix, it does not start contractions or induce labour.

Will 6 July 06 - Jaida 19 Sept 08

I didn't drink raspberry leaf tea, but i did take the blackmores raspberry leaf tablets from 32 weeks. i can't say if it helped or not, as it was my first pregnancy.
but i can say that i only had a 2 hour labour, with relief from gas only.
good luck with it! we are looking at ttc#2 in the next few months, and i'll take the tablets again (as not a big tea drinker).
cheers, kylie.

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