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Washing fruit & vegtables Lock Rss

All the books say that you must wash your fruit and vegtables. Just a question - what do pregnant people do for washing vegtables and fruit, do people just rinse under water or wash them with detergent. Obviously broccali would be a hard one to wash. Also is it safe to eat undercooked vegtables? I did a stirfry with all fresh vegtables but they were still quite crunchy. Would like peoples comments on what they do, thanks

Chch, NZ - Boy & EDD 13/11/08

Hi Saree

I am not sure if I do it the right way but I wash thoroughly under the cold tap and then if it is something like an apple I rub it firmly till dry with a clean tea towel. Something like Broccoli I put under the tap also but then it is cooked so all germs are killed anyway.

I would say stirfrys are ok because the outside of the vegetable is cooked and hence any germs would be killed from the heat of cooking. As far as I am aware it is what is on the outside of the unwashed fruit or vege that is the problem.

Hope this helps

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