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12WBT while pregnant Lock Rss

Hi ladies

I know there was a "Huggies 12WBT" so thought I would ask around on here... did anyone do the 12WBT while pregnant? Is it safe, and was it worthwhile in your opinion? What are your options for exercise?

I am asking because I have just finished my first round on the Michelle Bridges 12WBT in which I lost 10kg. I wanted to sign up for the next round as I have about another 10 to lose, but have since fallen pregnant (much wanted, mind you.. I was losing weight in a bid to help us conceive) I don't want to do anything to put this pregnancy at risk, but I do want to minimize how much I gain, or even lose some weight - if this is even possible to do safely whilst pregnant??

Just would like to hear from anyone who possibly did the last round pregnant and what was your experience.

If it's not worthwhile, I would rather save my money and do the 12wbt again after bub is born smile


I don't know about the 12WBT, but in my last pregnancy my OB had me walking for 30mins every morning and eating as healthy as possible (no sugary foods, multigrain bread, limited carbs at night) and I only gained 3kgs. I wasn't as dedicated to the walking and eating healthy as I should have been, but a friend of mine who went through the same OB was 17kg lighter after her baby was born than when she fell pregnant!!!

They say that you shouldn't diet or try to lose weight when you get pregnant, but my OB was all about being healthy smile

good luck!
ooo...I would love to do that too, so I checked out her website and it says that there is options for pregnant/breastfeeding mums who want to do it, just as long as you get the all clear for exercise etc and if you are already working out then I can't see why you wouldnt be able to do it. I think if you weren't doing any exercise and wanted to start it up then prob not advisable!!

I'm trying to find the link to the huggies round now but without success. I'm not going to do strenuous exercise pregnant and certainly won't be burning 1000 calories on Saturdays! I'll email them for more info. I think pre season starts 16th Jan. I haven't done it pregnant but I heard of someone else who did huggies round and it was fine.

I'm signing up today!
Lots of info on our site here for you;

Michelle Bridges Healthy Eating Tips
Michelle Bridges Exercise During Pregnancy
Also an outline of the Huggies' Michelle Bridges 12WBT. An excerpt here ... "What makes this program a Huggies exclusive? Programs designed for Mums and Mums-to-be: I have specially designed my online nutrition and workout plans specifically with you in mind - whether you're trying to conceive, pregnant or a busy mum with a family & household to run."

Hope that helps and best of luck with your goal <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
I have decided I'm going to do it smile signing up when I get home from my hOliday on Saturday. I want to be a yummy mummy! Lol
Look forward to it and getting to know everyone else doing it too.
Thanks for the info wink

I totally reccommend it, I did the first round and it was great, most weeks in the beginning I lost weight, then after that i either gained a few hundred grams or didnt lose or gain. Will be doing again once I have bub, I still do follow the recipes maybe not as anal but this is first pregnancy havent gained to much weight. I am currently 29 weeks and have only gained 8kg all up, so happy with that.
The best thing was I still had my paddlepop every night smile
Sounds great SHE5E5! I just want to minimize how much I gain as my last pregnancy I gained around 16kg.. and with my current bmi/weight range (which is the same now as last time I fell preg) I should only have gained 5-11kg, that is according to Michelle Bridges smile Apparantly if you already are heavier you shouldn't gain as much during pregnancy.
Might get to know you through the program and forums, I have signed up now for Huggies Rnd 1 and waiting for it to start, and I plan on doing it again after bub is born to lose weight and get healthier.

i would love to sign up to this but i cant seem to find where?
Hi Jess+Mia,

If you use the following link it should take you to a sign up page. I have just signed up to the regular round pending pregnancy results on Friday, so i will transfer over if things come back the way we want them to.

Hi mumma*J
I am not signed up for this round, I did it last round but I am going to follow menu plans again as soon as I have bub.
Good luck ou will love it
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