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Weight gain during pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi mommies sad I know I should be happy to gain weight as my baby is growing but I feel quite sad at the same time because my body is extremely out of fit. It’s even getting harder for me to walk, so what kind of exercise or method can I do? Please help me, I’ll really appreciate that.
Gaining weight is normal. If your legs are swollen, reduce the amount of sugar and salt you eat - they retain fluid in the body. You can also attend a massage for pregnant women. Just find a good specialist.
As the member above me has said, you shouldn't be too worried about weight gain during pregnancy, because its normal. But its also alright if you feel you want to workout or diet. Although when it comes to dieting, its not a good idea to cut out food portions because when you're eating, you're feeding yourself and the baby. You can try drinking tea that improves your metabolism because it helps with not retaining. I tried the pu erh tea from this website during my pregnancy:
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