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anyone gained as much weight as me?? Lock Rss

I keep reading all these posts of "no weight gain" "lost 2kg" and thats great...for those woman lol smile

Just wondering if there is anybody out there who has gained as much as me or am i the only piggy?!

I am 17wks3days and so far have gained 7kg..i know its alot sad am i the only one?

I gained 5kg of that in my first 5 weeks as i ate ate ate, it kept the m/s at bay, and now have taken that up another 2kg

Last pregnancy I gained 35kg, and am so determined not to do it again, not a great start huh?

Dont worry about the amount of weight you have gained least the baby is getting feed good healthy food, it is not a time for worrying about weight just look after you and your family you can loss the weight after bubs is born congrats and good on you for being open and hostenst

best wishes

I gained 11 kils in 20 weeks. This is my second pregnancy. With my first pregnancy I gained a total of 26 kilos. I lost it all within 6 months. Some people just carry more during pregnancy than others. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Your body will do what it needs to do to deliver a healthy baby. Just remember to eat well and do a little light exercise.

I was huge the first time around and at 24 weeks this time, I now weigh 15 kilos, so it looks like another big pregnancy for me (by the way I only had a small baby 6p12).

I am not worried this time, because I know I lost the weight the first time easily. We can't all have the lovely little bump, so of us have to have the BIG Bellies... hehehe.

Good luck

Two little girls

I too gained 35kgs with my first pregnancy and still hadn't lost 18 of those kgs when I got pregnant this time. I am now 24weeks and have so far gained 11.5kgs and yes I am worried!!!!! I am fearful of how I will end up at the end as I find it very hard to loose weight and breastfeeding doesn't help my weight loss at all.
Before I got pregnant I ate 1200 calories a day and exercised between 1 to 2.5 hours everyday and the weight would not come off.
I will see how I go after this one, but good luck to you!!

I gained approx 30kg with first baby was pregnant within 6 months. Lost weight during second pregnancy. DS is 2.5yrs and over the last 2 years despite trying not to all I have done it put on weight. I am now pregnant with no 3 and have to have a c section because the last 2 were born by emergency c section so i dont get the choice to try a vaginal birth. I am concerned the weight will inhibit my recovery post surgery.

Clearly I am not the best to give advice on weight but if you make the effort to go for a walk each day and eat well you should have a healthy pregnancy and worry about the weight later.

Fat is a lot harder to get off than put on. Look at the biggest looser people they trained 4 - 6 hours per day to get the weight off. I feel lucky to get 30 mins to my self to go walking.

I am trying not to obsess about the weight. I do have a plan though no 3 will be born late oct to early nov and no 1 goes to school next year. I have the best pram a Phil and teds E3 buggy with double kit so no 2 and no 3 can go in the pram and we can all walk to and from school each day. I am not going back to work so i will be able to look after myself better over the next few years.


ahhh thanks guys! its such a relief to know im not the only one lol!, I actually wasnt too worried until i started reading in here and didnt see ANONE who had gained more then 4kg, lol so just knowing it happens to others is enough to put my mind at rest smile

I lost 20kg before I got preg this time and it was HARD, BUT i do know i can do it, so i shall continue on my merry weight gain way lol

Thanks smile

Dont worry...I have only gained about 3kg, but I am waiting for that to really change since I can feel the difference in where I have been carrying my weight..all at the front.

My biggest weakness is chocolate, and that I am getting tired and cant be bothered going to the gym so I gotta push myself to at least so 3 days a week of exercise for me and general health.

At the moment, I am just going with the flow since this is my first pregancy and I do expect to put on at least 10kg by the time im full term..I give myself extreme worst expectations so I dont get dissapointed lol!

hey madmel

lol im the same with the giving myself worst esxpectations so i wont be disappointed lol, unfortunatley id be STOKED if i only gained 10kg lol smile

Im doing a mild pregnancy video workout at home 3-4 times a week so am hoping that will help atleast by getting me fitter!, I did NO excersise prior to this pregnancy so as i said the workout is mild, but better then nothing aye!

Hey Alysha:) You may probably find as long as u are exercising (running around after bubby #1) and eating properly your weight gain will slow down in the next trimester:) You might be having a big bub!!! As long as you are not starving urself then I reckon 7kgs is nothing to worry about at 17weeks pregnant! Gawd I think Id put on 15kilos at that stage with Joel! LOL
You are not a little piggy-Your baby is:) So who cares! LOL!

(Are you finding out the sex???)
hehe..had to ask:D..Oh and just so u know I know a lady who is 17 weeks pregnant and she is just over 100kgs and was told if she put on any more weight she cant have the baby in her home town...sad

DS-20.05.05 & DD-23.11.07

heya smile

Well its now gone up to 8.5kg at 19weeks, grrrr, BUT i really am eating ok, much better then last time so i guess theres nothing i can do! Big baby aye lol..hmmm we shall see! i have my first scan on Friday YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!, maybe its twins lol...shouldnt joke...

As far as finding out the sex..hmm i dunno! I was adament that we wouldnt but now ohhhhh i dunno, it would be nice to know..maybe lol, im really not sure!

How are you going tegs?

don't worry about how much weight you put on. i lost 3/4 kilos at the start, but then put on 19 kilos. i had a 9 pound 4 baby or 4.183 kilos so that's where some of the weight went! honestly, don't worry about the weight gain. i was lucky that i sweated most of my excess weight off in the first week when i got home after having my DD, but with healthy eating i lost the leftover baby weight. i'm now pregnant again with baby number 2 & i'll do exactly what i did last time... eat what i want, when i want! how much weight i put on is the last thing i'll be worrying about.

I was really sick for the first 17 weeks and only put on 2 kilos. In the last 10 weeks (I am now at 27 weeks) I have put on 15 kilos. I am having twins and find it hard to comprehend just how big I am going to get. I just keep thinking that I have the rest of my life to lose the weight and gaining weight is part of a healthy pregnancy. I try not to think of the numbers to much, but it is hard. Cheers
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