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Dental Health in Early Pregnancy Lock Rss

I'm only just over 6wks pregnant which is absolutely wonderful but in the last week I have had the worst tooth/mouth/gum pain which I can't explain.

I had a root canal done on a molar about a year ago and just recently it's flaring up again and really sensitive to hot and cold.

Yesterday whilst laying down I also got really bad pain in my whole upper jaw - the jawbone, the teeth and the roof of my mouth - both sides. It lasted for about an hour.

Not sure what to do cause I've heard that a dentist can't x-ray you (so getting the root canal looked at is out).

Any help/comments would be most appreciated. Is this a 'pregnancy thing' or just a dental thing?



If you have problems you can see your dentist early in pregnancy and precautions can be taken as long as you make the dentist aware. I had an x-ray of my rib cage when I was 5 months pregnant with my first born. I just had to wear a lead apron over my belly, and it was done at the hospital so I knew the risks where very low.

As for teeth in particular, they do become more sensitive. I am 11 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby and have had bleeding gums everytime I have brushed my teeth latley. From what I have heard and read this is fairly normal, that is why dentist check ups are recommended before you become pregnant, if you can.

By the sounds of it you are in pain. I'd speak to your dentist, just get his/ her opinion.

Goodluck, hope you feel better soon. smile
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