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Young mum needing to chat Lock Rss

Hi Iam a nineteen yr old girl who is going to have a baby girl (Lijana) who is due on june 4th....

None of my friends understand what I go through and my boyfriend is always working I feel lonley and have Not many people to talk to..

would love to talk to any one willing that understands what i am going through..!!

If you would like to contact me direct n chat my email is [email protected]

Im a young mum too!!! Im 20 and am expecting a girl too on July 9th.
None of my friends understand either... they were so happy when i toldthem i was pregnant but they dont seem too interested now! My brothers gf even said that cravings are all in our head and we should get over it! so that shows when she knows!
im here to talk anytime... damn sleepless nights!

my email is [email protected] if u want it

Hi mel,
I'm 28 but i think it's still the same when you have friends who don't have kids,
Some can be so negative, and some not they seem interested but i think it's an act most of the time. but anyway,
I have two other friends and we were all pregnant together and it was great but now they have both delivered and i'm overdue one of them is constantly trying to make me feel like i'm going through her pregnancy so basically i'll go what she went through she even went to the extent of telling someone that i won't cope what a cow hey. and this is supposed to be my friend i don't even know why she would say that i have a husband and more friends and family support then she does but i guess i'll just have to prove her wrong her,
well now that i have vented and ramble and probaly put you to sleep, i'll go but chin up there turn will come and at least you won't be an older mum you'll be fun young and be able to relate to your child more.
big hugs

Mother to 2 beautiful kids.

Hi Mel, Jaz and Stacey,

Í've added you to my msn. Hope to chat to you all soon. I'm 21 with a 3month old little girl called Makaia. I'm a single mum. Hope u are all doing well. Big hugz


DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

Hi Mel,

Im a young mum to and can understand where your coming from, my boyfriend is always and work & none of mates talk to me now that Im pregnant. If you want you can add me [email protected]
Hey Mel,
I'm 19 too... My friends sort of understand whats happening but i still find it difficult to talk to them about some stuff! This pregnancy is a little unexpected for my partner and i, ok very unexpected! I get really moody and some pretty weird cravings too, which my partner doesnt understand, i find it really difficult to talk to him about how i feel and what is going on!!! Which is extremely frustrating for both of us. I really scared about the whole experience, I have to move out of my parents place and I'm having a baby! I just don't know how we are going to afford everything... I'm sure we will get through. Feel free to chat any time. My email address is [email protected]

Gem smile


hehe ur cute... once your friends see bubsi, trust me they will show more interest and be around more often. I know it can get lonely, especially when they cant relate to what you're going through... but once she is born you wont be able to get rid of them.
By the way, I love the name Lijana!
Good Luck gasp)
I added you to my msn i hope thats ok! Hope to talk soon!
Hi there expecting mums

My name is Olivia and my DD is Haley (16months)

I have just been reading your posts and I wish i had found this site when I was pregnant.

All of you have been a great support to one another which is so great to see wink

I know how scary things can be and you dont know what to expect.

I too had no friends with children and found it very hard to relate, and even more so when she arrived as they didn't understand why I could not go out freely and just get someone else to look after her...Duh??

I wish you all the very best and if you need to talk or vent or have any questions (with out prejudice)

I am free any time

My addy is
[email protected]


eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

hey mel

im 18 n im due to have my 1st bub in august.. i added u too my msn.... hope to chat soon


DS Aryan 30.07.06 & DS Tyreese 25.10.07 & DS Brayd

Hey, I'm 19 too, and my first bubs is due in November. So i have a while to go yet.

But its so good to know there's other pple my age out there going through the same thing.

Like most of you my friends are all excited n stuff, but they just dont understand!

Theres nothing i want more then to just be able to talk with someone in the same position, who knows, and can relate. Who's understands what its like being a teenager and pregnant.

Mel, im gona add to to my msn if thats cool. Id really like to talk with you!!

Amy, VIC. Due Dec 09

Hi i am 22 and having my first I don't work n i get lonely too.
So if it is ok I have added u to my msn.
Hope to chat soon!!


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