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MOTHER'S DAY!!! Lock Rss

Its almost Mothers Day (May 14th) YAY!
Happy mothers Day in advance to all mums and future mums!
Its also my dads 60th on Mothers Day, so we're planning a little trip for my parents, which of course they deserve.
Anyone know what they're doing for Mothers Day yet? Anyone have any other gift idea's?
yay mothers day!!! i sooo hope i hav bubz b4 then!!!!! i wanna b a mum for mothers day!! lol

happy mothers day everyone!!!
The best gift I could get is my hubby tending to the childrens everyday needs, such as getting them breaky and dressed, etc. And then being taken out to lunch (so no cleaning up for me) - this would be better than any gifts, just to sit back and enjoy the kids and have a play with them (without all the yucky stuff like changing nappies!!)
Hi proud mummy, what a nice topic. Happy Mothers day to you, too.
I have to work on Mothers day so we will celebrate on saturday. We plan on meeting both our families to share our latest news... that we are having another baby!
Very exciting time, we wanted to wait till the 12 week mark and it times in perfectly.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.

YM04, DS Sept 04 & Baby girl Nov 06

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