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Competitive SIL Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I am lucky enough to be pregnant with my second child (EDD 16/9/06 its a girl) and my sister in law is pregnant aswell, she is due in july and she is having a boy.

My SIL really wanted a girl as she has a boy already and since I found out I was having a girl she has acted really distant/nasty towards me.

I am worried that not only will she resent my child, im also worried that she will turn everything into a competition between our children because they will be so close together.

I think what also put her nose out of joint was that our MIL and FIL were coming down for the birth of her child in july. But when I announced I was pregnant and due in September they decided that they would all come down in december and see everybody at once.

Im just worried that she is upset with me because I may have stolen her thunder? How should I cope with this?

Lydia, mum to beautiful april + girl due 16th sept

Hi Lydia,

I am sorry you are going through this when it should be a joyous time in your life. I have also posted re my SIL so I know how stressful it can be. While she has no right to take out her 'dissapointment' of finding out she is not having a girl on you, hopefully once she delivers her little boy she will be so besotted with him she will forget about being nasty to you. In the meantime, I know that doesn't help you. If she is anything like my SIL, it would be hard to broach your concerns with her.

Maybe you (or your partner) could talk to your in-laws and suggest that they still come down to be with her once her bub is born. She is probably (unfairly) blaming you for their decision to delay their trip. If they still can't come down twice, perhaps your partner could talk to her and tell her that he and you are not responsible for decisions that your in-laws make.

As hard as it is for my DH, I find the best way to cope with my SIL is to distant myself from her. I can't afford to continue to stress about her or be exposed to her nastiness.

I wish you all the best with the rest of pregnancy and look forward to reading that you have had your little girl.

Hello smile

Congratualtions on your little baby girl, im having a girl as well, wanted a boy but not dissapointed im having a girl just happy im having a baby lol.

I'm sorry to hear about your SIL being stupid, cos thats what she is doing. Hopefully she'll come to the realisation that she should feel blessed that she has been given the chance to have a child and that the sex of the baby shouldn't matter at all.

When I found out I was pregnant my family excepted it but my partner's family didn't, another girl in the family had only just found out she was pregnant 2 months before hand and a lot of people thought of it as competition and that i shouldn't even be having a baby! Its pathetic and ridiculous and ive learnt to ignore those people, I love my unborn baby and im not going to let ANYONE tell me that I shouldn't have her or she shouldn't be around.

Maybe you should talk to your SIL and find out exactly whats up.

bec xo

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