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My partner and I Lock Rss

After having my son, my partner and I have really drifted apart. Many complication in my pregnancy meant we couldn't have sex for 2 months prior to his birth and we just haven't got our mojo back. We have had numerous talks and I have tried really hardto make things better but he just doesn't seem that interested. It's always up to me to make the first move and get things happening or things just don't happen.. (he is a 'once a day' kind of man.)
I just don't know what to do anymore and I'm starting to wondering if its really even worth me putting in this much effort and bring constantly upset at the outcome???
It is worth the effort but you may just need to have a really honest discussion with him. If you can work it out and get through this little bump in the road it will be worth it!

He may be having some difficulty adjusting to having a new baby etc. I think it sometimes affects the men more than they let on. All the best, I have been where you are and working through it, if you can, is the best outcome.
Hi im in a similar place as u, dd2 is 3 and a half months old and we havnt got our mojo back. We hav gudDays and bad days but its me that isnt as intrested and i think being so tired is a main part of it. I dont have any advise for u just that i know what its like. Somedays im over it all and other days i want to work on it. I hope u and ur partner work through it smile just try and be honest and open about how u feel
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