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How old were you when you had your kids? Lock Rss

Just wondering because it seems every one that finds out is soo shocked, surely I am not the only one!

I had
DD1 2009 at 18
DD2 2011 2 days before my 21st
DD3 2012 at 22
Due in a month and will be 24.

And still with same dad which weirdly shocks people, most of them expect that I must have had multiple partners over theyears.

For me it is natural to have my kids at this age, but so many people think otherwis esp when i see others my age, I am so different.

What was/is it like for you?

Mum of 3 girls, 1 boy, 1 angel, 1 on the way!

DS1 - I was 25, DS2 - I was 27 and DD1 - I was 28 smile
28 when I got pregnant and 29 when ds was born... Im an old mum according to society wacko
I was 22 with my son and this one ill be 25

DD1 I was 26 when I had her (my birthday was the following month).
DS I was 29.
DD2 I was 32.

Dd1 I was 26
Dd2- I was 30
Ds- I was 31
Dd3- is 9weeks and I'll be 33 next month
I was 21 when I conceived, and a month off of 22 when I had DS last Oct. My partner and I had been together for 2 and a half years at the time and he proposed to be about 2 weeks before we found out I was pregnant. A lot of people assume that He proposed after we found out.
I married my dh at 19 and when I bumped into people I knew before marriage they asked how old my kids were. Apparently people only marry that young because they are pregnant? wacko no, we didn't have any kids. They were always very surprised when I said we didn't have any.

I was 23 when I had my daughter, 25 when we had our second and not far off of being 28 when we had our son.

My dh always wanted to start a family before he was 30, our first was born when he was 29 so we just got in there wink laugh
24 for my first dd
25 for my twin dd's
31 for ds1
34 for ds2

I was surprised having ds2 that the hospital considered me an old mum as I certainly don't feel old lol

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

I was just 20 with first, almost 22 with 2nd and am 24 now Expecting 3rd start of July
Ds1 I was 31, will be 33 with this next one.
I don't consider myself old, and hope to go on to have more children smile

I was 30 with ds1 and 32 with ds2

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