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Why Guys Are Jerks?? Lock Rss

My boyfriend and i had been trying to get pregnant for a year then when i finally did he left me saying it was to expensive and to hard to take care of a baby i am now due in 6 weeks and trying to do it on my own.


Dear Bianka,

I replied to your other post saying I didn't know if you had a partner. Now I am reading this. I hope by now that he has either come to his senses or disappeared. I think that some guys are scared of responsiblity. You have been there to look after him and now he knows you are going to be looking after the baby. He will have to take a back seat for a while. You concentrate on yourself and your baby. Have you had the baby yet? I hope you are OK.
hi bianka,

im sorry to hear about you partner leaving, but it just proves that he wasnt a real male to start with. in the end it is his loss as he will not get to experinece the joys of being a parent and holding something that he has created.
you just look after yourself and your baby as you two are the most important things right now.find support in family and friends and just forget him. if he doesnt think you and his baby are worth it then he is definetly NOT worth worry about.
if you ever want to talk or have a email friend email me on [email protected]
look after yourself

luv stac

Staci, SA, 2yr boy & pregnant (EDD 9/6/03)

Dear Bianka
I'm in the exact situation as you. Except ours was unexpected. Unfortunately during my pregnancy I got diagnosed with depression and now that we have broken up he is telling everyone I'm mental when it was him that walked out on me. He hasn't helped buy anything for my baby he'd rather spend it on prettying up his ute. Whats the saddest thing about this.. he's 23 yrs old with a son from a previous relationship and he still doesn't know how to act like a man. All I can say is stay strong and I wish you the best.

Jane, NSW, Due Jan

Yeah Its mean again.. I've just realised that I'm around the same age as you.. If you ever want to chat my addy is [email protected]

Jane, NSW, Due Jan

I know how you're feeling, my partner left me when I was 16 weeks pregnant. We hadn't been trying to get pregnant, but he told me he'd always wanted kids and so I figured that it wasn't going to be a huge deal if it happened. It was hard to start with doing it on my own, but it had it's own rewards too, I developed a really special bond with my son and we are still very close (he is now 9 years old). I was the one who was always there for him, the one he ran to when hurt or upset, the one who got all the special smiles and cuddles. It can be hard not having someone to share the good and bad times with but just make sure that your child knows that he or she is loved and cherished and they will feel happy and secure with you. Don't forget to take time out for yourself too, that's really important in keeping your sanity and patience for your baby. Good Luck!! smile

Michelle, NSW - 9 yr old boy and newborn baby girl

Hi there
I too am in the same situation. I have a beautiful little girl who will turn 4 in January. After trying for 2 years for number 2, I finally got pregnant. No sooner did I get pregnant, then my husband decided he didn't want the responsibility that went with being a husband and a father. I was made to leave our home, and find somewhere new to live for myself and our daughter. My daughter and I are very close, but she does miss her daddy dreadfully, and the sad part is he treats her like crap. Everyone and everything is more important to him than his child, and since we separated (3 months) he hasn't put her first once. He just fits her in when he has time.
Within days of us leaving the house, he was seeing someone else, and constantly flying to see her, and she is even going to move in with him in April next year.
Now he is trying to tell anyone who will listen that he wants to be involved in the life of the baby, and he wants to be at the hospital etc, and he can't understand why I don't want him anywhere near me or my baby! Gee some men - what does it take to get things into their thick heads and get them to start thinking with their brains and not their dicks!!! (excuse my language).
I have had an awful pregnancy as a result and have been in and out of hospital several times - I now have 10 weeks to go, and so far I have only gained 1/2 a kg, that is how stressed out I am. So I know exactly where you are coming from.
I hope you and your baby are doing well, and have a Merry Christmas
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