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Twins - How could you tell before the ultrasound Lock Rss

Just wondering what signs, symptoms mum's with twins had before they had an ultrasound that made them think they where having twins. Would appreciate any information or experience.

I just new the moment i found out I was pregnant, even joked to my hubby about it, then had a scan at 6 weeks and sure enough two wee heart beats.

how far are you??????????

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

I put on lots of weight really quickly-6kg by twelve weeks, and my morning sickness wasn't constant but when it came on it was really sudden. Really grumpy, bitchy and teary too. And so tired! I was in bed by eight every night. Didn't think I was having twins though, got that news at 11 weeks. Don't rely on family history though, identicals aren't genetic, and if you think you have twins an ultrasound at 12-14 wks will tell you if they're identical or fraternal-and it will be important to you!

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

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