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Oh the pain!!!! what can i do?? Lock Rss

Hi, for the last few days i've had such bad lower back pain, it was so uncomfortable to sit down for more than a few minutes and I can't lay down on my back as it just hurts so much! And now this afternoon after getting up from my nap I have had THE worst sciatica pain imaginable! I have never felt anything like it, it's so painfull and i can't take it anymore. What can I do?
I've tried doing stretches and a little bit a walking as i've heard that helps but its just not doing anything.
I'm so close to going to the hospital and telling them to jab me with the strongest pain killers imaginable!
I feel so lazy laying down and trying not to move but it's getting to the point where that's all I can do.
Somebody please help!!!

are you able to sit on a fit ball? might help. otherwise i'd just be lying down. i had really bad sciatica with ds and am not looking forward to it starting again. you midwife might have some suggestions if you give her a call.
oh, heat was good. i loved my hot water bottle...


I remember when I was preg with no 1 I had something similar. I couldn't stand, couldn't breath properly, couldn't walk etc etc. I ended going to the hospital and they found a pinched nerve, some medication and some sleep and I was all fixed up.

Good Luck.

Go to a chiropractor or an osteopath. I had the same thing when I was pregnant with me daughter but the chiropractor fixed it right up. Just let them know you are pregnant when you book in and they'll modify their treatment to suit you. It really works!
sounds like Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction - this is what i have and i am in agony 24/7. i see a physio through the hossy and i wear a belt that prevents movement in my pelvis area.

i am often up to 2 in the morning (and on huggies to help pass time) cos i cant sleep bcos of the pain, even though i soooo tired. and once i am in bed, i cant move, dh has to literally roll me over if i want to me. and just recently i can no longer drive as my legs feel so heavy and i cant phyically lift my foot off the accelerator and onto the brake - it is very hard to explain (try lying on your back and lift one leg up - i haven't been able to do t his since 24w, it's like my leg is gead weight and i just cant get it off the bed - physio got me to try)
New Era Number 8 "magphos" is great for sciatic pains, its an all natural tissue salt which you put on your tongue and it disolves. They are available at most health shops and chemists and are cheap as (around $12 for 400tabs).
Ask your midwife to refer you to the hospital physio (its free) and they will give you a belly belt which supports the extra weight from your stomach and does not allow your back and pelvis to move as much. And they will teach you some stretches to strenghten the muscles around your spine to it is unable to flex as far.
For temporary releif a nice hot bath and if you can convince someone to give you a massage afterwards it generally makes it more barable to sleep.
If you can do a bit of walking it is meant to help but i find when my back and sciatic nerve are playing up i am unable to move let alone walk anywhere.
try a swim... in a heated pool if you can smile the water will support you body and it can help ease the pain...

Posted by: casey7
try a swim... in a heated pool if you can smile the water will support you body and it can help ease the pain...

just to add to this, check with ypur physio first if u go to one, as mine has said this is good for the usual back ache but with the SPD that i have been diagnosed with, it will actually make it worse. not sure why!
wow thanks memmi moo.... i didnt know that cos i just have a sore back, nothing as bad as yours smile my chrio suggested it smile

Definately check first dont wanna make it any worse! good luck!

hey it could be the strat of the pubis pain becuase thats how mine started in the lower back it can be really painfull, i could harldy walk the other day i felt like a old granny im having physio this week. deff speak to your midwife she will deff sort it out for you or arrange some physio good luck and i hope you feel better soon

p.s i hate wearing those support belts there very annoying grrr lol xx
Hi - I suffer sciatica also. I have regular remdial massage (at least every fortnight) and it holds me over. I tried a chiropractor, but it actually made it worse for me.

You'll need a massuse (sp?) who does sports injury type/remedial massage - not just someone who does relaxation massage.

I also used deep heat and/or heat packs on the specific area when it was at its worse, and that helped.

The SPD is a different thing I think - thats the pain down the pelvis - sciatica is the one that's like a pinched nerve in your bum/hip, which can radiate down your leg

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