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Rude comments - What to say and how to deal? Lock Rss

Is it just me or is anyone else getting sick and tired of rude comments by friends and family?

Its getting to the stage were i resent some of them because theyve always got to have a dig when we see them.

Yesterday it was "youve got to start looking after yourself you know?" - Ive always looked after myself. I didnt know what to say i sort of just looked at this woman like wtf?

And another opinionated relative - your losing weight - yes i know. But your losing weight yiu shouldnt be yada yada yada. In the end i snapped i said to her well my doctor says im fine so until she has a problem, there is no problem!
Ive lost about 3kgs since i got pregnant, Im well within a healthy range however.

Im also trying to design a tshirt with a zapping device insatlled in the tummy area to deter rude people who think they have the right to touch without asking.

My hormones are a little shot at the moment. Sorry for the rant!

Thanks for listening

Oh i know what you mean!! I have already been told i need more iron... Coz i look pale.

I am barely even showing yet but i have been told I'm getting big, starting to waddle bla bla bla...

My 1st pregnancy I was told I too big or too small!! You just can't win!! People think coz you're pregnant they can insult you all they like!!

I don't know what advice to give on dealing with it... I tend to smile and bite my tongue.. I still have many comments to make it through yet!!


Unfortunately when you are pregnant EVERYONE feels it is their right to give your their opinion, including being rude.

Even my mother is rude to me, last weekend she says to me "I dont think your going to last to January"... and saying it once wasnt enough, she then had to say it to my husband - like it was funny or something. It has not escaped my attention that I'm large for goodness sake!! And from my SIL "are you sure its not twins", my grandmother "your so big" and if I hear one more time its a boy because of the way I'm carrying I'm going to deck someone!

Ahhh feels better to vent to someone who understands so you vent away!!
i know how u all feel im huge already look more like im 26 weeks.heres one for u........ saw my mother in law for the first time since fallin pregnant and she said y r u havin another baby......i said cause we wanted too.she then went on to say i hope there is no more! this was not a question.when she first found out all she could say is well no one is gonna get xmas presents now! i so hate this woman. we r on our 5th child and i have found family and stranhers believe u dont have the right to have more than 3.i and my partner of 15 yrs look after them ,educate,feed and pay for everything so wahts the problem!i had to give up work cause i was so sick and i was the worst person under the sun then.

I know exactly what you all mean.
I am so over everything that comes out of my sister in law and mother in laws mouth.
Everytime i see them i get comments like;
My god your hair is so dry are you going to do something with it?
You look tired are you eating properly?
Your too small to be 30 weeks/ or i know your going to come early!
I know its a boy i can just tell im right!

And i am sick of them telling me what i should and shouldnt be buying like;
Breast pumps cause they will wreck my breasts and make them sag and it will make me look like i am milking a cow!
A rocking chair cause i wont use it
A bassinet cause they bubs will grow out of it too quick
I shouldnt be using disposable nappies
I shouldnt be working as long as I am

And i am also soooo sick of them always coming in for a feel and talking to my stomach everytime i see them.... never mind asking me first or even asking how i am doing first!!!
Or the mother in laws mother (great grandma) thinking she has the right to lay her head on my stomach and chest and rub my stomach for a good half hour.

Or even think they have the right to be in the room when bubs is born just because its her grandchild (mother in law) I only want my husband in there why can she not get this through her thick head??? Oh and if we dont let them in she will be sitting outside the door until its born and expects to be allowed into the room straight after even if its 2am.

Why the hell do these people think its their right??? AHHH had enough already!!!

Sorry had to have a bit of a rant there
Ok... my vent...

I agree, why do people feel they need to comment on how big / small your belly is? I tend to get a bigger belly quicker, but then it stays the same for ages! So I've had it up to here with comments like "when are you due?, Oh...(LONG PAUSE) not till end of December? Your belly is too big, how is there going to be room for the baby to grow another 12 weeks?" Or "your belly's not even tight yet, you still have that "fatty" feeling" - this is after they have felt they can touch, poke, prod my stomach.

And I have a friends 11 yo girl, who just comes up to me and pokes - with one finger - quite hard all over my belly. I've told her so many times that it hurts and is uncomfortable... but she still does it!!

Arrrggghhh! Bring on December! 11 weeks 3 days to go!!
ohh i agree people are soo rude and think its there right to comment however they want!!
im nearly due and was with my partner on sat nyt at a prizgiving and was told i shouldnt be there because i could have the baby any minute!!! i was like um it takes a bit longa then 10 mins to have a baby n then the lady started to argue with me! i was soo wild.
ohh and the random people in the supermarket who just cum up an start rubbn ur tum i wish i had the balls to start rubbing there tums back n say ohh yea u must not have long to go eitha lol
i think people just dont think! as if we dont already have issues or relise that our bodys are changing!!!
my turn

its my mother and sister everytime i see them they have something different to say like you wont need this cos you wont use it, buy this this its better then the one you want, you wil have to buy bottles cos there is no way you can breast feed and the list goes on in so over it!!

Im glad im not the only one! My mum just bought be a tshirt 'dont touch the bump) For me to wear around my inlaws. Every time my MIL opens her mouth i want to scream!
I wish she stop calling me mum - i am not her mum
DH mentioned that one of her overly opinionated friends had upset me with a comment, which i knew would lead to smart a** comments from her, I saw MIL the other day and she goes "hi mum, well im not going to ask you how you are" in a really patronising voice. I really wanted to throw something at her!

Im so over this already! Its only going to get worse too!

Jemma are all making it sound like I have had it easy...but I don't think that will last for too long. I wasn't the smallest person before I got preg so I am only just starting to "round out".

I am just waiting for my MIL to say something to me but I think she is too scared to, she knows that I will bite back and considering I work with her (stupid I know) she wouldn't want to p*** me off...

Good luck ladies!!

Emily Grace was born on the 5th of March and share

Posted by: JB85

And another opinionated relative - your losing weight - yes i know. But your losing weight yiu shouldnt be yada yada yada. In the end i snapped i said to her well my doctor says im fine so until she has a problem, there is no problem!
Ive lost about 3kgs since i got pregnant, Im well within a healthy range however.


Hi Jemma,
My doc said that its normal in the first trimester to either lose weight or not gain any due to morning sickness and nausea.
I was in the same boat in the beginning, but once the morning sickness passed i started to gain weight and im up 8kgs scince finding out im preggers.

So dont worry about the comments, if ya doc says your fine id listen to him/her.

Hi Missy,

Thats exactly what i told the woman who said it to me. I weigh 69kgs and im about 5.5, so its not like im underweight!

My DH says just smile and nod - Easy for the one who isnt hormonal!!!
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