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Who's had feelings they were pregnant early on and were RIGHT? Lock Rss

I have about a week and a half til my period is due but im sure im pregnant as im having all the symptoms i have just before i get my period. extemely sore lower back and re occuring head aches.

Just wondering how many of u out there were sure they were pregnant early in the pregnancy and were right?

Me. With both pregnancies i suspected that i was preggers about a week before af was due but waited till the day she was due to test.

i''''m baking a baby

I thought I was very early on but didn't do the test until 9 weeks, I think sometimes you just know these things...

With my dd I knew I was preg about a week before my af was due.
I was a little in denial though since I was only 19 and dp was only 17.
With this bubs I knew as well.I had started feeling sick probably a couple days after conception but did'nt test until a week after af was due.I was in major denial!

i found ouy when i was just 2 weeks pregnant.i usually find out when i was 4 weeks but this one was early.instinct plays a big part

I know it sounds silly but after conception i felt like i was pregnant. I felt sick and different to how i normally felt.
Having said that i got pre period tenderness and that general feeling that i was due and was shocked when i missed my period. I waited 3 days to take the test because i couldnt believe it.

i had the feeling i was pregnant with all 3 of my babies. i had a + pergnancy test at 3 weeks this time, but both the others i was 4 weeks i have only tried for a baby once but the other times i still had the feelings and i think you just know. good luck hope you are.
This is my first bub, but from before id even missed a period i knew. Everything was just different for me. I had sore boobs, had started feeling sick and vomiting a few times. My friends told me to wait till a few wks after my period was due before i took test but i took it on the day it was due and within a second it was positive.
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