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Sleep Rss

Hi everyone! I'm 21 weeks and dont sleep well at the best of times, but since being pregnant I am waking up every 3 hours or so 4 an hour and wake up in the morning feeling really tired, does anyone have any suggestions that will help me sleep better?

All i can suggest is PILLOWS, PILLOWS, PILLOWS as many as you are comfortable with. I am pregnant with my 3rd and i found they really, really help at the moment i am 13 weeks and i find a boomerang pillow between my legs bliss. As i got bigger with my other pregnancies i found a soft pillow under my bump while laying on my left side the best....

Good luck hope this helps!!

i had that problem and i tried sleeping with a pillow between my legs and it worked for me

nicky,qld,byron 15/09/05

With my pregnancy with Lachlan I played the 'Music for Dreaming' CD softly in the background which helped me get to sleep. When I woke up during the night (several times) I would play it again and it helped me get back to sleep a lot quicker. I was experiencing a lot of nightmares before I started doing this (in addition to trying to get comfortable) and this significantly lessened once I started using the CD.

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