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In pain and over it Lock Rss

As the title suggests, I am over it. I am 36 weeks pregnant. bub has been head down since 28 weeks ( but not engaged, they can still move her head from side to side) but she has started to slide further into my pelvis. Even though I haven't seen the doctor, I can actually feel it. It is so uncomfortable and painful and sometimes, if I have to go to the toilet, I am too scared to push cause it feels like she will just pop out.
Plus my pelvis is hurting soooooo badly. It is unbelievable. I can't roll over or get up from lying down or sitting down it hurts so bad. And I walk like a freakin cowboy! I find out when I get my c-section this thursday and I will be begging the doc to do it as soon as safetly possible. I think I will go at 38 weeks. If I knew bub would be ok I would do it sooner ( I have other problems so its not just being a sook about this)

Has anyone else "felt" bub move further down? And has anyone else had an elective c-section ( due to problems with previous birth) early? Am I just being a hormonal sook??!!
I can soooo feel your pain. I am experiencing all that also. I am very scared about labour due to my pelvic pain as im sure its gotta hurt alot more if Im already in pain and bubs has to pass through there!!!

You know that feeling you are getting on the toilet and just the general pressure of bubs feeling like it is going to fall out, well my midwife told me it was from week pelvic floor muscles and i find if i exercise them daily then I don't get the pain at all.......... I was so scared to go to the toilet just like you as it just felt all open down there sorry tmi hehe.

You are not being a hormonal sook as it is very hard for some woman at this stage of preg just being over it, tired, and sore so I feel for you.

Sorry can't help with the c-section as I haven't had one.
Take Care and not long to go


I am glad that some one else feels the same as me - well not really cause I wouldn't wish it on anyone. As for the pelvic floor muscles, mine are really good! I can stop peeing in an instant! ( sorry tmi) I had to do the exercises after my last c-section cause they were a little bit weak. I just feel like bub is so low she is going to fall out if I push too hard!

I am so tired and I know that I will actually get more sleep once I have bub than I do now! So this lack of sleep is probably making it a little bit harder to deal with everything. I am so grumpy I feel bad for my husband. This pregnancy i have been moody and don't want to be touched as much. Its kinda like - these are the last few months my body will be mine. So I don't want to be constantly touched. I don't mind hugs and kisses but as for sex.....and please don't touch my boobs!! They were leaking at 4 months and now I already have my milk come in so if he touches they will leak!! And I can't stand people touching my belly. You wouldn't touch it if I weren't pregnant so what gives you the right to touch it now??!! I know some women don't mind but I do.

Oh I so better go before I keep ranting and can't stop!! Thanks for your reply. Take care- you haven't got long to go either!
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