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eating too much Lock Rss

im 15 weeks pregnant.. and had no morning sickness.. which i thought i was very lucky but im eating so much.. if i see other people eat i have to eat the same thing, just cant stop eating already gained 5kg!!!
for 3 days i been having really bad cramps in my tummy that i couldnt sleep or walk properly.. my husband thinks its because im eating too much.. so i kind of cut down and feeling much better, but just cant stop eating when i see food.
im also worried that baby would be very big if i eat too much..
does everyone eat alot too or is it just me??..
there is a difference between wanting the food and needing the food. i think maybe you need to evaluate which is your situation. i am 21 weeks and 1 day and have gained 7kg. i started steadily putting on weight at around 8 weeks.

i think everyones body is different and needs different amounts of foods.

if you are in fact eating too much, you shouldnt have a big baby just excess weight in your own body you'll need to get rid of post pregnancy.

i am not sure of your weight range, but there are effects on bub if you are overweight. they say people in the normal weight range need to put on more than people who are overweight or obese.
I am the same as you! Just gone 15 weeks and have also gained 5 kgs! And just love to eat. But I had bad morning sickness for the first 13 weeks or so (have only just gotten better), but found that I had to keep eating to keep the nausea at bay. As soon as I stopped eating it returned! So it was a vicious cycle of eating, being sick, eating, being sick! Now I have all my appetite back I am eating like there's no tomorrow! Only good thing is I have resumed my gym workouts and trying to walk lots instead of using the car, so that might help in keeping my weight gain steady.

I have a love for all salty fatty food, Maccas, bacon and egg sandwiches, curries, hot chips.......! Kinda wish I was craving fruit and veg! What about you?
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callums mummy... yeh me too i crave for very salty food too fast foods... does that mean it has high chance of baby being a boy???
r u going to find out in ur next ultrasound or r u wanting it to be a suprise??
hey there, im cassie im 30 weeks today i put on 2 kilos every 4 weeks, my pre pregnancy weight was 52kilos im now 62 so have put on 10kgs with 10 weeks to go, i dont eat too much but eat enough to satisfy myself and my bub i think that its up to the individual with how much they want to eat but remember its easy to gain the weight but alot harder to rid of it so bare that in mind, goodluck with the rest of your pregnacies hope i helped cass

Baybee80 - when i was pregnant with DS I was exactly the same. I had no morning sickness and from day dot I was continually shoving something in my mouth. I too craved hot salty greasy food. Towards the end of my pregnancy I had a massive chocolate craving. I would go through a block of chocolate in two days and then i would sit and eat nutella out of the jar LOL!
I put on 22kgs when pregnant with DS and he only weighed about 3.5kgs (approx. 7pd 12oz). It took me 9 months but I did lose it all. I would just say unless its getting totally out of control and causing an issue for either you or bub - just go with it. Enjoy your pregnancy - it only lasts 9 months!

For some reason I have found with this pregnancy that Im just eating normally. At the beginning - for about three weeks - I was eating like a horse, but I've found its died down a lot. Lets wait and see shall we - theres still a lot of months to go LOL!

Best of luck and enjoy!

hi all
I am 29 weeks with son number 2 and have already put on 14kg, starting weight 56 now 70. With son number one i put on nearly 20kg and i dont think i seemed to eat any different. With bub number two i seem to be eating all the time, i think it just depends on the person. What is the normal amount of weight that you are meant to put on??
Posted by: baybee80
callums mummy... yeh me too i crave for very salty food too fast foods... does that mean it has high chance of baby being a boy???
r u going to find out in ur next ultrasound or r u wanting it to be a suprise??

Not going to find out (I like the surprise), but my inkling is another boy, and I'm craving the same foods as I did with my first pregnancy...

I read somewhere that if you are of normal weight pre-pregnancy the healthy weight gain is between 10-16 kgs.
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Hi there. Interesting post - couldn't help myself have to reply.

I'm 5 odd weeks preg with #2 and all ready craving bacon, plastic cheese and anything salty. I'm constantly hungry - honestly hungry - get the hunger pains in the stomach. I eat breakfast at 7.30 and by 9am I'm at the fridge again.

Weight gain.... well,...... With DD I put on a massive 26 kg, (i was 52kg pre preg) as all i could eat was flavoured milks, rainbow paddle pops, meat pie's and chilli's out the jar! then gave birth to a tiny little 6pounder. (I lost all that excess weight within 6 months after bub born though)

hope not to put on too much weight this time, good luck to all you other girls struggling with eating,

M xxx

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