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rhesus factor and pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi all,

I am a writer doing research into blood incompatibility between mums and their babies.
This is called the rhesus factor. Has anyone had an experience like this .


I have got the rhesus factor, Ive not had a problem tho with either of my pregs or babies.
Hi Grenville,

I have the rhesus factor and just had my first pregnancy (Twins - 33wks). (I am O-neg)

What information are you after???

Not sure if I am the right person for you as,
I lost my little girl (Rhiarna) and the result from the post mortem showed the reason as being fetomaternal transfusion. They came to this reasoning as they found babies blood in my circulation.

hi well i have the rhesus factor with my first pregnancy i had no problems and caprice my daughter was o negative to so there was no prolem and i am now pregnant with my second and hopefully he will be o negative to.
hi there,

I too have the rhesus factor. I am A neg and my two girls are o neg. So I haven't had problems with those two. I did lose a baby at 16wks but they said that had nothing to do with the blood. I am now pregnant with my third.

What sort of information were you after.

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

i am also rh-negative but luckily my baby is also so they was no need for the anti-d after the birth. i know that the rhesus factor only affects the 2nd or 3rd child even if the first child is a positive it won't matter. i had a misscarrige at 8weeks last year and it was considered that the rhesus factor may have played a part in the loss although like they say no-one really knows what causes misscarriges it's just natures way

chanelle,nz,ashleigh sept04

My husband was a rhesus baby and nearly died but luckily I am O+
so both my children are fine and this pregancy is going OK

Cathy,NSW,Kira 6,Luke 5 & Baby Cody 2/3/2005

I am Rh A neg, as is both my mum and sister.
My sisters husband is also a neg blood type so she doesn't have a problem. My mum had her first 2 kids NP (dad is positive), but the third needed new blood. 38 years ago so don't know if Rh was the cause??? She then miscarried twins (34 yrs ago?).
My husband is A positive and so is my daughter. I had the Anti-D after her birth. I am 31wks and so far blood tests show no antibodies.
Let us know what you can find out.

Wendy, mum to Keira 07/05/03 and Georgia 24/01/05

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for that information. I have already completed the rhesus article and it will be out in a few weeks in Practical Parenting.

I am currently writing about thyroid disease brought on by pregnancy. It's a fascinating topic. Better get back to my writing and tuck my daughter into bed.

Kind regards,

Hi there.. I am O negative blood type, and I have been having my anti-D shots incase bubs is positive.
Not sure what else I can tell you at this stage. If I could be any help in the future for your research, please let me know. [email protected]
Best wishes

Cindy due 26th December 04

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