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Breech bubs Lock Rss

hi im only 15 and 35 weeks pregnant. im still with the fatherand we have been told our bub is breech. its a bit scray and very painfull. bub has a week to turn before we start to discuss options but we were told last night that his/her bottom is engaged. does anyone know the chances of turning???
Hey there smile Im not sure about the chances of baby turning once bubs has engaged, but try not to be scared im sure everything will be ok, I hope all goes well and take care

Ds 17/10/06

Hi there,

I'm Chris and I'm preg with my 2nd bub. with my 1st little boy the midwives kept telling me my baby's head wasn't engaged (right up until the day before he was born), even though I knew that it was. That is because he kept moving up and then down again. It all depends on how far engaged the your Bub' bum is as to whether your Bub will turn or not. I hope so.

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