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My names Samantha, I'm 17 and I just found out on Wednesday that Im about 2 months pregnant.It was purely by luck that I found out.I was wondering if anyone had really sore lower stomach cramps that feel like period pain around this stage?I have my first scan on the 18 of this month as the Drs want to find out definetly how far along I am. Im excited but really nervous. Also if anyone would like to talk I'm interested in anything anyone has to say. My email is [email protected]
How are you - how did your Dr's check-up go? I hope all is OK. That cramping can be normal, the body's muscles and organs moving around a bit to accomodate the growing uterus, or there could be something else going on like an Ectopic pregnancy. I had an EP and the pain started off as muscular and then bacame very sharp and painful, I had a lot of bleeding and was rushed to hospital... so, if you are having any major bleeding see your Dr. I hope you are OK...
Megan (Aust)
Hi Samantha.

Congrats on the pregnancy!

I was 17 when I got pregnant with my daughter, who is now 2. I had really bad cramps at the beginning of my pregnancy, and the pain continued for the next few weeks.

Good luck with your scan! Let us know how it goes!


Mum to Madi & Jake

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