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Stretch & Sweep Lock Rss

hi girls,

this evening i have a midwife appt of which they are going to try to do an S&S. midwife guarantee's me i will then go within 24-48 hours.

Just wondering if anyone out there has had one and did it work for them and if so roughly how long afterwards??? also did it hurt?? i've been told it's a bit uncomfortable..

Hey Lana,
Not sure if you've had your S&S yet, but just found your post!!

I had one with my DD one afternoon, the next morning I lost my plug and started having regular contractions. So IMO they definately work. Generally I think if you're body is part the way there, you will go into labour within 48 hours. But having said that, if your cervix isn't favourable (ie. still high and firm) it can be plain uncomfortable and unsucessful.

Being 39+4 I would say give it a go for sure smile I would line up for one again this time if I go over due! The only thing, it REALLY hurt me!! Apparently it's normally just uncomfortable like a pap smear, but I had tears in my eyes and had a really rough male OBs who wasn't very gentle. But usually it's just uncomfy and it's over in seconds.

Let us know how you go smile So excited for you!!!!


Hi there smile I had a s&s at 41 weeks, and my water broke about 10hrs later! Best of luck smile

i had one done at my antenatal appointment at 39 weeks 5 days. I lost my plug the next day and the day after (my due date) went into labour. DD was born on her due date.

I didn't find it particularly uncomfortable, pretty much like a pap smear but it will only really work if your body is already getting prepared for the labour. I was already 2-3cm dilated but no contractions etc when they did it so I would have probably gone into labour on my own within a few days anyway.

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