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are there any single mums out there? Lock Rss

i'm a single mum to 3 boys 7, 4, and 3. i'm also due on 11th of dec with boy number 4. but having an early c-section.
it would be great to hear from other single mums
thanks from valerie
Hi Valerie!
Welcome to the forum
There is a whole support thread for Single mums here, it is Under "Your Baby's Family" in the "Being a Mum" threads -
Here is a link to it so you can find it easily

there is also a Specific section for Single Parenting - here is the link for that one!

Hope that helps, and I hope you enjoy your Huggies journey

Im a single mum to girl 16 boy 11 boy 6 and this bub due very soon is another girl..
But i share care really. They live one week with me and one week with dad... pain in the butt but judge says its better for the children. Daughter usually prefers to stay with dad cause it quieter without her brotherss there and her new stepmum is only 3 yrs older than her!!! Yep dad is 39 step mum is 19. YUK YUK YUK That s why we divorced kicked his butt out where i found out bout there affair..

This bub is to a new partner who stayed around long enough to get a due date and run.. oh well better off without men.
no fights n how to raise them, no fights on names for new bub and no one to tell me what to do hahahahahah

hi selsbels
i also share the care of my 3 older boys week on week off, i agree it is a pain in the butt, the care is from wednesday to wednesday and i think it is just a weekly upheavial.
this bub is also to a different guy, he tried telling me to have an abortion cuz of medication he is on said his doctor told him the bub WILL be deformed. bub is very healthy and very active, so i gave him an easy way out, showed him the door and he ran out through it. he has showed very little interest, refusing to come to any scans or be at birth because we are not together and that is stuff couples do apparently
hahahah this bubs dad only heard the 7th. i think as i was saying december he was already on his way out he door... smile I have not seen or heard from him since i found out i was 9wks pregs.. No big loss really. im not putting his name on the birth certificate either, I can explain it to her when she is older..

whats with men these days!!! they cant except responsibility!! i just hope i can raise my boys to be better!! raise em to treat woman right and respect them
Hi im jackie, single mum to 1 little girl 23 months, have her full time though, her surrogate aka father has nothing to do with her but im happy with that, completely agree with you, dont need males, nothing but bickering and fighting!
Im a single mum to connor 3 and bub #2 due in march 2010

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