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Nipple Piercings Lock Rss

I have one nipple pierced and am wondering about breastfeeding when the baby comes (due in October). I breastfed my first (7 years ago) for 15 months. I have had the piercing for 5 years now.
Has anyone out there got some experience with this? I don't want to take it out completely.
Not alot of people know about this but my midwife tends to think if u have them out they will close b4 baby is due as i took mine out in dec my bub due in august and they havent closed but bub will at least get more milk out of them that way.Other wise if u wanted to take them out each time u feed go for it but u wont be able to feed with them in as the baby's attachment to the breast wouldnt be that good
22 weeks on tuesday

5 kids now

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