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Has anyone ever been told sex at an early ultrasound? Rss

Hi ladies,

I was in having my dating scan (I was 8 weeks along) and sonographer stunned me buy asking whether I would like to know sex of the baby. I of course said yes, as we were going to find out at later u/s. He said he could clearly tell my baby was a male and not a female. I am astounded as I had no idea they could tell so early! I am due for my 18 week scan in 3 weeks, so will find out if he was right, which we are hoping, but really wished he had of not said anything now in hindsight as now we have our hopes up for a boy!! Has anyone else been told early, as I have looked up on google and generally 14 weeks is the right time a sonographer can clearly see sex organs! Thanks ladies..

8 weeks, sounds to early but u neva know..i dont know wen the genitals start forming..i found out at 12 weeks i was having a boy and my early u/s at 6,8 and 10 weeeks could not tell..anywayz goood luk and let us know smile
wow 8 weeks sounds early he must be a good at telling sex but i do hope you get another scan to just see im having a 20 week scan in feb cant wait to find out sex! good luck

We were told that we were "more than likely" having a girl at 12 weeks, and it was confirmed at 18 weeks, again at 28 weeks, then again at 34 weeks (I have gest. diabetes, so have to have lots of ultrasounds!!) Heads will definately roll if they've got it wrong!!!

8 weeks does sound early, but maybe it's easier to pick up the sex of a boy (for obvious reasons!). Good luck - let us know how you go at your next scan!


I asked to know the sex of my bub at my 8 week scan and was told that the sex organs dont actually form until you are 10-12 weeks so there is no way to tell, but she could had been wrong and maybe you can tell earlier? not sure, but i was just under the impression that 8 weeks is abit early. I hope your sonographer was right and hope your 18 week scan comes back with what you want, Good luck!! smile
Thanks ladies, I have done some more googling and haven't come up with much to suggest he is correct. Apparently it is early for sex determination at an 11-12 weeks u/s. However it has said that a highly experienced technician can possibly see earlier and with the use of a colour doppler to check that penis is def not umbillical cord (which I am quite sure he used as he ruled out it being umbillical cord) will just have to wait another 3 weeks to find out hopefully!!

Genitals definitely dont form until after week 10, but even then it might be hard to tell for a few weeks - hope that you get the boy you are hoping for anyway smile
i asked at my 11 week scan and the woman said nope she couldnt tell us
Also dont forget that the Delivery Date calculation is at best an educated guess according to your last period. If its a little off then there might be cases where the sex can be told at as early as 8 weeks.

I imagine that logically it would be more likely for an earlier identified girl to end up being a boy in the later scans than the other way around.

I asked around who I should go and see for an early identification and he was able to tell me at 13 weeks under the disclaimer "97%" sure.
We were told that the accuracy of determining sex at this age on a scan is unreliable and it is also unusual to offer because the foetus is still in early stages of development. This is why the 20wk morphology scan is generally the one for determining sex and development. Even then it is only 80% accurate. Usually boys are diagnosed correctly. We were told there are no guarentees and the only 100% failsafe way to tell is to see for yourself when it's born.
well i had a 12 week ultrasound... being my first ultrasound 3 weeks ago they didnt tell me what sex it was but i have the photos and a video clip on my computer... i looked closely after my dr has told me how to guess the sex from ultrasound pictures... I could definately tell my baby is a girl im very low too so the old wives tale must be true. I havent told my hubby yet... but he trhinks its a girl too... i dont want to get my hopes up but think im having a girl.. smile the propblem is i have all these great boy names i like and no girl names i actually really like.... anyway good luck with your baby boy on the way. smile

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