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bad day Lock Rss

I just wanted to post a message...I am 26 weeks with 2nd bub, have Ryan complaints, everyone is fine and healthy and prgressing well. I myself have been pretty ok for a good week now after a week long bout of stomach upset....I am very tired though working full time takes it out of you when you are in a condition as well.
I have been quite happy, positive and motivated about things....just today...I have so much work, really don't want to do any of it....have had a few work emails that have put me a bit off too...and I am done with dressing up for work...I would rather be in trackies...I could I suppose I don't see any customers in my work and am bymyself most of the time....I thought I'd feel better if I have nicer clothes on.
I think I will stay away from most people today...not in a good mood...I might offend someone...not in a mood to put up with anything...maybe I should go home early
Ah feel a bit better already for venting

Amanda, Ryan 4 Ashley 5 months

Hello Amanda,

SMILE THE WORLD LOVES YOU!!! Hehe, everyone always tells me that when I am having a crappy day...I don't know if it will help but I hope it does.

You are a great person for working full time! What do you do? Just procrastinate a little longer and take a break!! Hopefully by now you have had lunch and are feeling better.

Just remember, it's hump day and everyone hates hump day!!! But by this afternoon when you finish work, you will be so much closer to the weekend!

Anyways, I was hoping I could brighten up your day! I hope I have!!!

Hello Amanda!

congratulations on working whilst your pregnancy, i think you have every right to have a low day smile

Maybe you will feel a bit better tomorrow? I never know what im going to feel these days lol. one day I might be on a happy high and the next day in tears or the day after that feeling worried about nothing in particular at all.

But it is a wednesday and they can make you feel stuck sometimes, tomorrow is Thursday so hopefully it will bring you a smile.

take care

Bec xo
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