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Is it common to have diarrhea in early pregnancy? Lock Rss

Has anyone had it?

I have just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant, I have a 20 month old DS. Last night, I was up all night running to the loo with bad stomach cramps and diarrhea. Is this normal in early pregnancy or should I be worried? I also woke up this morning feeling a tad queasy, I havent thrown up yet but feel like I want to.

I'm wondering if it's just a change in hormones causing this or am I sick with a bug. Nobody else in the household is sick...

Any advice would be great. Thanks.
Congrats on your pregnancy!! It does actually sound like you're sick with a bug too sad But, I also suffered from diarrhea early on too. It's only just settled in the last week or so. Though it wasn't as bad as what you're experiencing, which makes me think that you might be unwell. Some women are constipated & others have the opposite! Eveyone experiences different pregnancies. If you're worried, see how you go for the rest of the day. Try & get as much rest as you can & if it doesn't settle go see your GP. Just try & keep up your fluids as best you can. Good luck smile

Thanks for your help smile I felt totally fine this morning after I ate some breakfast so I'm hoping its just hormones playing havoc! I was just a little scared cause a couple of months ago I had a m/c so everytime something abnormal happens I'm going to freak out lol
As much as they say to you that you should be constipated and not have the runs. From 4-13 weeks I was on and off with the runs pretty bad. From week 4-5 I had it so bad I went to the hossy as I was so lethargic and had lost 2kgs. It did settle down and I'm sure it will for you too.
I googled it aswell and it seems quite common in early pregnancy. Just be sure to drink lots of water and I found dry stuff was good to eat.

Congratulations on the pregnancy

I suffered with this in all of pregnancies for the first 12 weeks. I think it's my way of having morning sickness - although it's any time of the day really.

Just make sure you don't get dehydrated.

Good luck

Darcy''s Mum

i always have it during pregnancy, usually in the first and second trimester, last time i had it towards the end of the third as well, its not fun. i didn't feel queasy with it though, but that could also be the start of morning sickness.

apparently the diahrroeah is from the extra hormones racing through your system. so there isn't a lot that can be done to fix it.

i even continued to have it for a few months after DS was born, which was quite unpleasant, but once my hormones went back to normal i was ok. reducing the amount of white processed bread seem to help a little bit then, but not during pregnancy sad

I just found out i'm 4-5 weeks pregnant. My husband and I are so excited!

Yesterday afternoon I suffered severe stomach pains (like exteme period pain) I started to sweat and had diarrhea. It happend again around 8pm but no sweats and the pain was mild.

I was so worried - Do you think this is normal?
I had loose stools daily with cramps for the first 3 months! I was really worried, until I read somewhere that it is normal.

It all settled down now I feel back to normal- no constipation issues either luckily! I am almost 25 weeks smile

I have just found out i'm pregnant (only 6 weeks along) and i too had a case of diarrhea in the early hours of this morning. We had family & friends over yesterday for a bbq, we all ate the same foods yet i was the only one to get ill... So i put it down to possible pregnancy symptoms.
Diarrhea / diarrhoea and pregnancy usually go hand in hand, especially during the early stages of pregnancy. This is due to the fact that many pregnant women become more sensitive to the food they eat when pregnant. In addition, their digestive systems tend to process food more slowly, which can lead to diarrhoea. Check these links for causes and remedies
My wife too faced this, but after controlling her diet and she fixed that herself. Its mostly due to diets which the stomach not able to take it during those days!

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