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Ichy Belly and Sore Back Rss

Hi ladies,
I am 30 weeks pregnant with my first. My belly is REALLY ichy from time to time and I have heard that i am not meant to scratch it. Is this right? How do i get rid of this itchy feeling?

Also, is there anything that you ladies have tried that has worked to get rid of severe lower back pain? It is killing me!

Am i the only one?

Loz: new mum to Joshua David (11.07.2006) - Sydney

I am 28 weeks preggies and I lather my belly with coco butter and bio oil all the time. About 2 to 3 times aday, I think the moisture keeps the itches at bay, because so far I havnt been itchy.

Dont know what I can suggest for your lower back, I get bad pelvic pain in my lower back, but I dont know if mine is pregnancy related or not, because I have had it long B4 I was preggies. It always feels better after I have seen my chiro.

Good luck with the itching!! Hope I helped.
make sure u tell your midwife to see what she thinks it is.
Do u have itchy palms and feet?

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