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37+2 weeks and was told baby is 8pounds! Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

So im due on the 12 Dec. I went for my 36 week checkup on Thursday last week and my ob said i was measuring 41 weeks. They briefly said they will look at inducing me in the next 2 weeks and sent me for a follow up ultrasound the next day (last friday).
The ultrasound was good, bub is very low and the lady said she is 8pound!

Now i have to wait until Thursday to see my ob again and im a little scared, this is my first and im 19yrs old. The thought of pushing out a big baby scares me !!

I think i have been getting braxton hicks for the last week but cant be sure as i dont know what they feel like. Sort of like period pain but worse really low down. Sore lower back and a general ache-y feeling all over.

Any advice would be great..

Thanks in advance xx
I had an U/S with my 1st 12 hrs before I delivered him.... was told he would be at least 8pd 14oz...... he was born 12hrs later at 6lb 11oz.... don't stress too much.... you will be fine..... MIL had a 12pd 1oz baby naturally!!
My DS was 8lb 13oz i dont think it was that bad but thats just my experience, but i had a friend who had a baby a couple of months ago she was told her baby was either 8 or 9 pound cant remember which one anyway the baby ended up being 7lb so mayb that could b the case with u.
My friend was the same with her twins...they ended up smaller than predicted.

DO NOT worry, kick back for now and relax...enjoy your baby when it comes!
I have a friend who's had 5 kids ranging from 6.8 - 8.9 pounds/oz. She said her smallest (the middle child) was the one she felt the most so don't worry too much! Besides it's not really the weight but more the size of the head and shoulders! lol. grin

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There is an error margin with ultrasounds this late in pregnancy, they cannot definitively say your baby is 8 pounds.

I always measured bigger with both my pregnancies and both my babies were not big at 6.49 and 7 pound.

Why are they looking to induce you in 2 weeks?
There's no way of knowing how much your baby weighs before they come out. I just had a 9lb 6oz boy and he was much easier to deliver than my 7lb 3oz boy. Don't waste your energy worrying about it. Weight really has no bearing on size, you could have a 6lb baby with a big head or a 10lb baby with a small head and narrow shoulders!
I measured exactly to my due date and was told he would be an average size, what ever that is, cause when he was born he was 9 pound 5.
This said, it was an easier birth, with less intervention than DD, who was 7 pound 6.
Good luck

Thanks to everyone that replied, it makes me feel alot better!

2lovebugs - they said they are worried bub is on the larger side and for that reason would look at induing me maybe a week or so early, but i do have this feeling i might just pop all on my own soon!

Its so weird becase i can feel her so much more now, im very aware of her and her position inside me. Did everyone else experience this towards the end? I i also have this strange feeling that something inside of me is about to burst - there is just so much pressure down there!
I was told DS would be 10pound and he weighted 7pd 7onc at birth...
smile Dont stress too much.

I measured big for my whole pregnancy and wasn't terribly worried. I was induced at 15 days overdue (my bub was due on the 11th of Dec and born on the 26th) she was 10lb 3oz. I didn't have any problems and gave birth naturally. My midwife said there was no point worrying about something that you have no control over. Even if you stop eating at all (please don't!!) your baby will just take what it needs from you and will keep growing. She also said that some people have huge problems having 5lb babies and some have none with 10lb ones.
I have heard that there is a HUGE margin of error in sizing scans (my friend was told her baby was 10lb + but her baby was only 7lb something!). I do have to say there are some advantages to having big babies!! They have a bit to come and go on and tend to sleep longer!!!
hi i just had an 8 and a half pund baby naturally with no drugs what so ever yet i had pethodine with my two smaller babies dont stress to much they told me my ds2 was undersized and he was a healthy 7lb 4ounces..

goodluck you will be fine and even if the labour hurts as soon as bubby is placed straight into your arms you forget everything and fall in love =)
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