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Nesting Lock Rss

Hi Ladies
Just wondering when you started nesting?
I am 37 and a half weeks and have been on a mad cleaning frenzy today and am off to the shops soon to buy more cleaning products..
That is so not like me haha laugh
Haha I am 37 weeks and 1 day grin Today I mowed the lawns, cleaned all the windows in my house, dusted every surface, did 3 loads of washing, repacked my bag, babies bag and the kids bag, moped floors and I even have dinner on already lol if this isn't nesting I don't know what is....

With both previous pregnancies I never felt like this, so who knows smile Good luck to you
Hi I started at about 35 weeks, I dont thin my house, car backyard everything has looked so clean.

Its funny though when hubby or the kids mess things up I just go behind them and clean it with out complaining. sooooooo not me.

Good luck with bub.
DDs 15mo and I'm still waiting for that nesting instinct to kick in! Lol.

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

haha this is my first time Ive had it too, 3rd baby..
I hope all this cleaning will bring on labour wink
Funny enough, I never had this with my dd. I pretty much hated having to do any cleaning and only did what was necessary lol

I pretty much nested throughout my whole pregnancy lol Was a cleaning manic.
I would even clean my parents house when i went and visited them.

2 weeks ago i had the nesting instinct keep in again, cleaned my whole house plus or garage blink It definitely isn't me pregnant!
Found out the next day my sister is pregnant!!!!! Weeeeeeird! lol My other sister had pregnancy symptoms. Sore boobs, sickness, boated. We both knew lol

I started nesting at about 20 weeks, after that particular scan it all got pretty real! Since 36 weeks things have grinded to a halt though. Too tired and uncomfortable I think!
i started nesting so i thought at 20weeks.. then at 24weeks i became a crazy monster Cleaning cleaning cleaning, setting up everything!

I set up the whole nursery the cot, bookshelves, change table all by myself in an hour and a half.. because dp was taking too long to find the tools so i took over haha. i sent dp to the pub instead so he could stay out of my way while i cleaned hahaha i think thats when i realised i was truly nesting !! ahahahaha

then again i have days when i sit in one spot all day on the couch and only move for food or to pee.. hahaha.
I went on mad cleaning frenzy at about 24 weeks. I was gardening, mowing, sawing tree branches, washing car, the house was spotless it was so unlike me. i never felt like that with my son (this bub is a girl), it was great. Then at 34 weeks it stopped, I just want to sit or sleep which I don't get to do much of either with a 2 years old. I want that energy back sad
Well 2 days later and my energy is gone zzzzzz
with dd, i think i started nesting a few weeks before, i'm now 38weeks with no 2 and i'm still waiting to nest, if i ever do!! it's frustrating as i've got a few things to do still but i'm feeling fat and over it so who knows if everything will get done in time or not
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