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So my boy is being very stubbin and wont go head down. and i am 32 weeks.

Is there anything you have heard off or tried yourself to get bubs to turn?????????
Hi! My bub was breach at 33 weeks, and at 35 weeks went head down. The night he turned head down I had googled some 'natural' ways to turn breach babies and found some things that to me sounded absolutley ridiculous, but I tried them anyway - and to my amazement I went to bed that night and 2 hours later he turned!! It said to tilt your pelvis up with either pillows or lay head down on an ironing board that is leaning up against a lounge or chair with your legs up. Then to ice the top of your uterus and heat or put a bright light to your pubic bone. Felt like such a dill doing this, but I was willing to try anything to avoid a c section! So big coincidence perhaps, but it did work for me, and I only did it once for about 10 minitues! Think I googled 'breach baby natural turn' and it bought up tonnes of natural things to try.
Good luck with it all, and don't stress, bub still has time to turn! My Dr was going to perform an ECV 2 days later if he hadn't turned on his own. So have a chat with your Dr or midwife next time you visit. All the best!
Acupuncture can help, and they say leaning forward is good (eg sit on a chair backwards and lean forward)
at 32 weeks mid wifes and doctors aren't usually overally concerned with position as it can change so frequently as bub still has heaps of room to move.
at 36 weeks they start really focusing on it.

not sitting back into chairs, but rather sitting up straight will help.

a swiss ball it good. sitting on it and rotating your hips in a circular motion.

i think they are they only 2 i tried with DD and it worked smile

My little one was transverse too. I had accupunture which worked a treat. If that didn't I was going to try a chiropractor that does the Webster Technique. Apparently it opens the pelvis up nicely for the baby to turn.

But I was told not to bother with treatments too much until 35-36 weeks.

Thanks girls had an appointment at with the OB yesterday and he said bub has gone head down...
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