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Fetal Doppler - Where did you get yours? Lock Rss

Hey. Just wondering where everyone got their Fetal Doppler from and roughly how much it was? Was it good quality?

When did you first start to hear the heart beat?

Thank you

They sell them for around $50 at Toys R Us near the baby monitors, and I heard mine at 9 weeks smile
I got mine off trade me a few years ago for $80, its okay, I used it the other day to find the heartbeat at 11wks (because I know where the baby is sitting). Going to sell it on TM again though and buy the stick kind
I got mine from and yeah I realise it is pricey ($219) but I needed that comfort that bubs was OK and I love listening to them. I started hearing it from 12 weeks 2 days but lots of people can pick it up earlier
I have got my fetel doppler on, and with coupon code "fairwholesale", i have saved 5%. roll eyes roll eyes smile
I bought the fetal doppler from this site, which named Sonotrax-B Fetal Doppler
it works fine. When 12 weeks pregnant

Children are the focus of my life

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