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  5. how many c sections can one woman have safety ???

how many c sections can one woman have safety ??? Lock Rss

Sorry this posted in wrong forum I'm hoping to so replys

M y sister has had four c sections

Friends have had three

I have bicornate uterus { heart shaped } birth defect I was born with.
I'm almost 7wks pregnant with #5. { 2 misscarrages sad }
I have had two emergency c sections already.
One natural birth 16wk misscarrage
One D &C 11wk misscarrage.

I'm confused on how many c sections one woman can have ????
I always thought it was 4, but it could be less if they caused trauma to the body in any way.
I have had three and was told that a forth was no problem. My doctor told me as he was sewing me up and I laughed and told him he was crazy. We are now trying to concieve number 4 so you have to giggle.
Jude are you having another c-secrion??

I have had three and was told that a forth was no problem. My doctor told me as he was sewing me up and I laughed and told him he was crazy. We are now trying to concieve number 4 so you have to giggle.
Jude are you having another c-secrion??

I'm glad you are ttc #4. Congrads .

I'm almost 7wks . So not sure see what my specialist saids.
I'm hoping if I am he can deliver bubby as last time when youngest son born he was olong service leave working in africa.

My appointment to see him is in may unless I can get in sooner on cancellation list .

So won't know till then however I'm betting he says c section again
I have had 3 c-sections with no problems, none of the doctors have told me a limit, but I havent asked about any more as I am happy with my 3.

Sorry - probably not much help - But I htink 3 should be fine smile

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My mum was told 3 but had 4.

I know others that were told have a big gap but they had a little one and they are fine. Ur body will tell you what it can cope with.
i have been told that it's three... but i was told that by a friend who's sister's doctor told her three was her limit. i really don't know. i guess it's probably an individual.
i had to have an emergency c-section with dd, as her heartrate dropped & i was bleeding excessively. so i was put under & she was out in like 10mins... i hope i don't ever have to have one again. i hated it. it was scary & extremely inconvenient afterwards, not to meantion painful. i am reluctant to get pregnant again, because both myself & in particular dh fear the worst. i also live in the bush now & would probably have to travel away from home to have one anyway.
my ob said there was no reason why i couldn't have a natural birth next time, but it all depends on the labour & obvisously if my local hospital will allow vaginal birth after c-section, as many hospitals & doctors do not allow this...
i've already said to dh, that if i have to have another c-scetion, that's it. they can fix me up while they have me open...
Most doctors say 3 as each c/s increases the risk of complications (weakening the wall of the uterus, problems with the placenta in the next pregnancy, excessive heavy bleeding after op etc).

That said my aunty just had her 6th c/s last month (they should have saved time and sewn in a zip the 1st time lol!) and has had no complications arise. That said, she opted for a full hysterectomy while they had her open as she's decided after 8 (yes 8!) kids, her family is complete!

If in doubt; ask your doctor.

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I have a friend who has had 6 !!!
I've had 3 c/sections and if we are successful TTC will have 1 more. After each surgery there is a slightly increased risk. When ds was born in January last year the doctors told me my scar was fairly thin and said they wouldn't recommend me have another bub but after consultation with my doctors I've found out my risk isn't that much greater and my scar could be a lot thicker this time round. I've been told that if we are successful TTC then towards the end of the pregnancy I will have scans to check the thickness of the scar and if need be bubs will be born 36-37 weeks. I would also be getting my tubes tied at the same time as another c/section. I was going to get a hysterectomy due to extremely painful AF and irregular bleeding but feel there are too many risks.

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i discussed this exact question with my obst a week ago.. she said the game definitely changes for a fourth c section - the risks jump significantly for mum.. it isnt a question of how many you can have (if bub is in there it is about getting it out the safest way - you dont have a choice), but they do go through all the risks if you choice 4+.. my obst has done 9 for one lady with no probs, but has had others who have had problems much before this.. i would definitely encourage you to talk to your obst to get the right answer for your body - cause your risk depends on factors such as previous scaring, so is totally different for everyone..
With my last c-section, i ask the doctor if i could have another c-section and he said yes.

I heard that it different for each women but they say no more than 4.

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