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27 weeks with cramps Rss

So I've turned 27 weeks today and I am cramping in my lower tummy right round to my lower back. I've had a healthy pregnancy so far and this is my first bub so I'm unsure if this is normal or not. It's pretty uncomfortable and it's been steady all arvo into this evening. Am I feeling this because the baby is getting bigger or is this preterm labour?
I had this at around the same time with my first pregnancy, if you are worried there is no harm calling your midwife or even going to the GP.
Sometimes it can be growing pains and even braxton hicks!
I had braxton hicks only a few times but it was pretty uncomfortable! If the pain gets worse you can get it checked out and they can gie you the green light or even call the hospital and speak to a midwife sometimes just by your description that can tell you straight out if you are ok or if you need to come in!!

Good Luck!!

It could be round ligament pain. I had this when I was 33 weeks with dd1. I called the midwives and they made me come in to be monitered. I thought maybe I was going into labour but they assured me it was round ligament pain. I was told to take panadol and use a heat pack.

If you're still worried why don't you call your hospital? Even if it turns out to be nothing, it will re-assure you.

Hey Amanda,

I was like this last night, couldn't walk straight. So painful...hit 26 weeks. Now today been ok. It must be growing pains or braxton hicks. It is just a sign to rest. All the best

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