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My Baby Girl is Here!!! (at 36+5) Lock Rss

Hi Ladies!!

My week has been hectic to say the least!! On Tues the 2nd of October, my plug had come away in the afternoon, wasn't too concerne'd as it wasn't a whole lot (well i was expecting more). Wednesday afternoon I had gotten home from work and my waters broke at about 4.15pm, no contractions and no gush, just a constant leak, so up to the hospital we trecked where they decided that yes, my waters had definatley broken (no internal done). No contractions had yet started either so they kept me in.
At 1:30am (04/10/2012) my contractions started, they weren't too bad... bearable, still 15-20mins apart. And that's where they stayed. I still had not yet been checked if I had dialated at all (which i thought was odd) and I still had midwives checking me out constantly, checking bubs heart rate and position. Which every midwife told me she was head down ready to go, we just had to wait....

At 5ish I started getting really heavy contractions, but again were still 15-20mins apart so the midwives were not concernd, they were strong...really strong. I felt something wasn't right and as I was pretty mobile through the labour I did have, I was up pretty constantly and through those bad contractions, could feel something coming... it was hanging out. I called the midwife which they then now decided to do an internal, she took one look at me and all of a sudden I had 4-5 midwives and doctors around me... Turns out she was footling breech the whole time, her foot had started birthing!!
From there it all happen'd so quickly, they raced me straight through to theatre for an emergency c-section with anthisethic, no epidural as they decided there was no time to wait. (bub was not distressed at all during all this)
So unfortunately I was put under and because of this my partner was not allow'd to be in theatre with me, and I ultimately missed on seeing my baby girl being born. She needed a bit of a kick start to get her going (as she was only 36+5) but she was fine.
At 7:08pm Thursday the 4th of October Willow Grace was born smile She weighs 6 pound 6 ounces, 48cm long and a head circumference of 33cm.

She does need a little physio on her head cos it turns out she was breech for awhile (not sure myself how so many got it wrong...but anyway) but apart from that she is healthy and happy as is her mummy and daddy smile

Congrats hun!!! grin Great to hear all turned out well n she's here safe and sound! smile hope ur all going well xx

Wow! Congrats! Glad it turned out well, bit scary though.


Congratulations on the safe arrival of Willow Grace. Beautiful name. smile

Congratulation's hun. smile smile smile
Sorry your birth experance wasn't everything it should of been. This is one of the things I stress about. I am going to ask for a scan to check position. they keep saying head down but I want to know 100%

Congratulations! Beautiful name!
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